10 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers for Drinking to Health in 2019

The water needs to be removed of its alkalinity to taste better, and the best alkaline water pitcher is essential to achieve this objective. The best alkaline water pitcher works by removing the acidity and enhancing the taste of the water. Yet, the process of going finding the best alkaline water pitcher can be quite tricky with plenty of options available in the market. It is often wrongly perceived that the best alkaline water pitcher can be an expensive proposition which is out of the reach for many individuals. Yet, the prices of the best alkaline water pitcher are surprisingly within reach.

What Is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

The tap liquid is not the safest choice of drinking water since it can potentially lead to health problems. Yet, the alkaline water pitcher is a product that will be able to take off the acidity and several unwanted elements to increase the tolerance levels. The H2O also becomes tastier.

Why You Need an Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher?

Apart from the need to make drinking liquid taste better, the alkaline water filter pitcher is essential to eliminate any unwanted odor or acidic minerals. This helps improve the overall health of an individual while consuming the liquid treated using the pitcher.

What Are The Side Effects Of Alkaline Water?

The use of the best alkaline water pitcher 2019 has to offer results in reduced health problems since the acidity is removed. The degenerative diseases of the body can be prevented, while the body is better hydrated than before. The aging process is also slowed due to the reduction in radical damage.

Which Alkaline Water Machine Is Best?

The alkaline water pitcher reviews highlight the availability of a large number of products in this category. Yet, it is possible to pick the right choice by comparing several factors like capacity and pH level reduction after filtration.

10 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews and Comparison


Best Feature


UltraPure Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer

Premium build


Vigorous Water Alkaline Water Pitcher

Slim design


Claro Alkaline Pitcher

Free replacement of first filter


Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher

Low price


Reshape Alkaline Water Pitcher

Fluoride filter


EHM Aurora

Excellent pH improvement


Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher

Seven-stage filter


Santevia Water Systems

Automatic closing of the lid


Oxa Smart Alkaline Pitcher

Package includes two filters


Brita Small 5 Cup Filter Pitcher

Attractive price


1. Best Overall: UltraPure Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer Review

UltraPure Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer

This best alkaline water pitcher is considered as one of the premium products in the market. UltraPure Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer tries to keep it simple by only offering a three-stage filtration rather than six or seven. However, there is no drop in performance since those three filters are able to provide much better performance than six thin layers. The biggest advantage of this product is the size, and it will be easily able to handle the requirements of a large household. The use of high-quality food grade plastics results in a safe environment for the liquid. The pH increase due to this product is at a respectable two levels.


  • Efficient and simple three-stage filtration
  • 3.5-liter capacity
  • Digital refill indicator


  • The lid design is poor

2. Best Ergonomic Design: Vigorous Alkaline Pitcher Review

Vigorous Alkaline Pitcher

Vigorous Alkaline Pitcher offers a substantial seven-stage filtration system that is capable of taking up products like contaminants and impurities with ease. The seven stages comprise elements like carbon, ion exchange resin, minerals, and tourmaline among others. It is possible to come across a substantial improvement in pH levels of the drinking H2O. The 3.5 liter capacity on the pitcher makes it easy to fit households with a larger number of people. Even though this best alkaline water pitcher only ships with one filter, it is easily capable of lasting a few months.


  • Large capacity of 3.5
  • Compact size
  • Seven-stage filtration


  • Only one filter bundled with the package

3. Best Value: Claro Alkaline Pitcher Review

Claro Alkaline Pitcher

Claro Alkaline Pitcher happens to be an attractive choice when it comes to the best alkaline water pitcher, as the product is available in a range of colors. These are quite cheap in the market, but they can still hold 3.5 liters. They are also equipped with LED displays so that the filters can be replaced at the appropriate moment. Crucially, the filter cartridge will be replaced for the first time at no additional cost to make this product even more value for money. Some of the issues that cropped up with this product happen to be the lack of performance, as the pH levels did not improve substantially. Furthermore, the product may not fit into the smaller refrigerators.


  • LED display
  • First filter cartridge replaced free of cost
  • Multiple color choices
  • 2.5-liter Capacity


  • Performance is strictly adequate
  • Use of proprietary filter cartridges

4. Most Versatile: Lake Industries Pitcher Review

Lake Industries Pitcher

Lake Industries Pitcher has seven stages of filtration at an attractive price. The product is made up of food grade plastics. The capacity of 2.5 L makes it quite moderate as per the latest alkaline water pitcher reviews. The design of the product is quite slim, and it should be able to fit inside most of the refrigerators. The product does well to improve the pH levels, but it is not possible to witness a substantial increase. The lid not being tied makes it quite a problem on certain occasions, where it can be an inconvenience for some. Lastly, the filter is quite decent when it comes to life, and it can last around three months.


  • Seven-stage filtration
  • Compact
  • Attractively priced
  • Filter lasts for around three months


  • The lid design is flawed
  • Capacity is rather low

5. Best Fluoride Filter: Reshape Water Pitcher Review

Reshape Water Pitcher

The lack of a fluoride filter is one of the disadvantages of many products seen in the top alkaline water pitcher reviews, but that is not the case with Reshape Water pitcher, which also happens to be much sturdier than many of the competitors. As a result of receiving certification from WQA and other international standards, it is possible to be sure of the product’s quality. The value for money proposition of the product is substantially ramped up by the inclusion of two filters, which are capable of lasting four months each.


  • Strong construction
  • Fluoride filter
  • Countdown timer


  • Filtration time is long
  • Cartridges do not have great durability

6. Best pH: EHM Aurora Review

EHM Aurora

The EHM alkaline water pitcher comes with six stages of filtering so that it is capable of removing impurities very effectively. It has activated carbon, ion exchange resin, and mineral stores that are capable of completing the key processes of mineralization and filtration effectively. There is also a digital meter on the top of the lid to provide a status update on the product. A key attraction with regard to this product happens to be the higher levels of performance which are maintained quite consistently. The pH levels are able to remain rather high, and the water taste is also substantially better.


  • 6-stage filter
  • Value for money
  • Higher capacity


  • Filtering speed is slow

7. Best Seven-Stage Filter: Dragonn Pitcher Review

Dragonn Pitcher

This would rank as one of the best alkaline water pitchers since it manages to offer a decent capacity along with multiple filtrations. The storage capacity stands at 3.5 L, which makes Dragonn Pitcher ideal even for large families. The seven-stage filtration is accompanied by an LED indicator. Unlike some of the inexpensive products, the lid is actually well designed, and it is not easy to spill water in most circumstances. Since it is one of the larger products in the market, it is recommended to fit in a larger refrigerator. The impurities, heavy metals, and other unwanted elements are removed from the h2O with ease. There is also a substantial improvement in the taste.


  • 3.5 L capacity
  • Seven stage filtration
  • LED indicator


  • Pricey
  • Use of proprietary cartridges

8. Best Filter Replacement System: Santevia Systems Filter Review

Santevia Systems Filter

The Santevia alkaline water pitcher is offered in four different color choices. The product comes with a countdown timer, which is rather prone to breaking down often, in order to notify the user about the time to replace cartridges. The auto close function on the lid is quite handy, but the liquid filter performance is quite adequate. One of the disadvantages with the product is that the filters do not have great durability, as they tend to wear out within a month. The pH performance of the product is quite average with only a marginal increase, but there is a substantial improvement in the taste of h2O.


  • Water tastes better
  • Countdown timer for filter replacement
  • Several color choices


  • PH performance is only average
  • Timer quality is not the best around

9. Best Compact: Oxa Smart Review

Oxa Smart

This ranks as the best alkaline water pitcher by virtue of featuring seven stages of filtration. It is capable of removing impurities like heavy metals, dark, chlorine, and even biological contaminants. In addition to eliminating the harmful ingredients in water, it also helps in adding elements like calcium and selenium. This helps in increasing the quality of the drinking water. A great advantage of Oxa Smart alkaline water pitcher is the compact size, which makes it easy to fit into every type of refrigerator. There is also great attention to detail when it comes to the ergonomics of the product.


  • Seven stage filtration
  • Eliminates most of the pollutants and contaminants
  • Offered with two filters


  • Size is not great

10. Best Budget: Brita Small 5 Cup Pitcher Review

Brita Small 5 Cup Pitcher

This is a filter that requires easy installation and can remove impurities like copper, mercury, chlorine, and zinc. The products ships with one filter, which has a decent life of around two months, and it will be able to filter just over 150 liters of liquid during this period. Since it is made from food grade plastic, it is able to meet all the safety norms and regulations, according to the Brita water pitcher review.


  • Attractive price
  • High PH Level After Filtration
  • Decent filter life


  • Plastic quality is not the best around

Types of Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

There are three major forms of alkaline machines. They are:

Alkaline Water Ionizers

This best alkaline water pitcher modifies the pH value and filters the liquid by making it go through an electromagnetic field. The process ends of ionizing the h2O. The technology is quite complicated, and this results in a higher price of these products.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

This type of product is about running the liquid through a fine set of filters that eliminate the minerals and contaminants. Finally, the likes of magnesium and calcium will be included back into the h2O. As a result, it is freed of impurities. The price of these systems is comparatively lower.

Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

The alkaline water pitchers are able to offer the most affordable way of improving the quality of the liquid, as they are able to increase the pH and taste of it even when on the move. One of the disadvantages of this type of system is the manual intervention required to keep the supply of purified h2O.

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Buying Guide – What to Look At?

The process of buying the best alkaline water pitcher 2019 can be made easier through the use of this buying guide. These products are a simple and easy way to improve the quality of the drinking liquid, but several factors need to be considered before picking up the right choice.

1. Size

The capacity of the top-rated alkaline water pitcher becomes an important criterion depending on the family sizes. The products typically can hold from 1 to 3.5 liters of water. Those who have a small family will be able to do with a product that has 1 or 1.5-liter capacity. It is important to find a product that will be able to fit into the refrigerator if there is a requirement for cold alkaline h2O.

2. Filter Capacity

The filter cartridge has a specific lifetime of around 1 to 3 months. It is important to look at a portable alkaline water pitcher that has a better duration of the filter since these can be some of the most expensive parts in the product. Some products use a proprietary filter that prevents the use of third-party filters. This once again increases the overall running cost.

3. Filter Type

The best alkaline water pitcher tends to have several stages of the filtration. Usually, the output is better when there are multiple stages of filtration, which is usually done using mineral stones, special resins, or mineral balls. A crucial step in the buying process is to go for pitchers that have the ability to filter out fluoride, and most of the inexpensive products do not offer this feature.

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher 2019: Our Advice

There are several competitors in the consideration for the best alkaline water pitcher, but UltraPure Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer is able to stand out from the crowd by virtue of offering excellent value. This best alkaline water pitcher provides the best bang for the buck. Even though there have been several great contenders for the best alkaline water pitcher title, the availability of high-quality materials and the use of certified filters certainly make this product worthy of being crowned as the best alkaline water pitcher. The biggest advantage of this product is the size, and it will be easily able to handle the requirements of a large household. The use of high-quality food grade plastics results in a safe environment for the water. The pH increase due to this product is at a respectable two levels.

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