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Last Updated: 21 April 2020

Are you looking for a hands-free Bluetooth adapter that you can put into an old car that doesn’t have Bluetooth via just a simple cigarette lighter? I’ve got one here that I got for Christmas. And I want to talk about it with you guys because I’ve been using it. And I’ve been really liking it.

This is where I give you my unedited, and hopefully more authentic, review of the products that I like to use and have. So if you’re into then you might want to consider reading on, it is very much appreciated.


The little doohickey that I have here is this little guy: Sumind Bluetooth FM Transmitter. It’s got a USB cord. It’s got a pair of USB ports to let you power up your devices if you need to charge your phone, your tablet or whatever. I really like that the USB ports are both 2.4 amp. And then this is a QC 3.0. I don’t really have any idea what that means, but I believe that it is the faster-charging port though. It has got a simple cigarette lighter plug.

I got it off of Amazon, but this is considered a car wireless mp3 device. It’s made by Sumind and it’s an FM transmitter. So basically, you plug this into your cigarette lighter and then you Bluetooth it to your phone. The Bluetooth connects every time. I’ve never had a problem with it.


Whenever I start the car, this Bluetooth FM Transmitter says waiting for pairing, and then it’ll say paired whenever it’s paired.

And then you just tune it into the radio station using the little buttons on the side. Or I think you might use the button in the middle by turning it. I can’t really remember. As for me, I leave it on the same station, so I don’t know. I don’t remember what it is, but you tune it to the radio station and that pulls the signal from the FM transmitter.

Sumind plays music on your music streaming mobile apps

And then you can also play music on it. I use it mainly with Google music and my podcasts that I listen to through the Apple iPhone Podcasts App. It works great, and I haven’t had any problems with it.

Sumind allows the convenience of hands-free calling.

It does accept calls, too. So if you’re getting a call and you want to have your call come through the Bluetooth speakers, it does have a little hole right near the screen which is actually a little microphone. And that way you can go hands-free calling. You just plug this thing in and whenever the call comes through, you’ll know because it’ll also light up. You just press the button in the middle, and then that’ll get the voice going through. It’ll pipe it in through your car speakers which is super cool. I really like that. All in all, this is a great device.


You can also turn the middle button, which is a shuttle wheel, to add or adjust the volume. I just leave it at whatever the default is, and I use my car’s stereo to turn up the volume and turn down the volume. I will note, this is probably more on the podcast side, but some of the podcasts that I listen to either has the fault like maybe whenever they record the volume is low or it’s just the volume that comes through here. When this kind of thing happens, I have to turn it up kind of loud to be able to hear podcasts. However, music is a little bit different for some reason. It works great, and it works just fine when I play music.

It’s got also little skip buttons just beside the screen. So if you want to skip between your songs or your podcast, you can click these buttons. You can skip forward or move back or whatever.


It’s pretty easy to install. I just plug it on my car’s cigarette lighter and I’ll describe to you what it says whenever it’s pairing and all that. Let me plug in the phone just to have it charging. Please excuse that bit of radio noise. It says welcome on the front. And then it’ll say that it is waiting for pairing and then soon after it’s already paired. It’s pairs quickly really. I have a podcast on my phone, so I hit the play button. Soon you hear it being played on the car stereo. It’s kind of low, so what I’ll do is I am going to turn up the volume using the dial of the car stereo. It sounds great. I can pause it by using my phone, but I believe you can also pause it using the button in the middle. And like I was saying it’s also a little dial that you turn to turn up and down the volume. If I want to skip, I can skip by pushing the next and back button which are really just beside the screen. The other buttons on the opposite side change your radio station. I got my FM transmitter tuned in to 107.7. It also displays 107.7 on the car stereo screen and that’s how it hypes through.

I have a 2010 Honda Accord, and it works great in it. It should work with any kind of car as long as it’s got a radio in it. I’d definitely recommend it if you guys are looking for a Bluetooth FM Transmitter. I want to say that it was about 20 bucks or so. It’s fairly inexpensive.

Always appreciated if you have a product that you want us to review. Let me know and I’ll see if I can get it for you. Thank you guys for reading.

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