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Finding The Best Car Jump Starters In 2020

Last Updated: 20 May 2020
best car jump starter

Modern gadgets can simplify the life of car owners significantly. One such useful device is the best car jump starter on the market. But which one is that? Most car owners face the problem of starting their car engine at least once in the cold season. Such troubles arise, as a rule, due to the thickening of oil. Its viscous consistency prevents the engine from running fast. When starting, it has to use an increased amount of electricity from the battery, which is why it starts to discharge rapidly.

Best jump starters will be the best way out of this situation. These small devices should be used by any driver who really cares about the condition of his or her vehicle. Unfortunately, some car owners are trying to improve the situation with the help of the tugboat, considering this old method quite successful. However, starting a car in this way is very dangerous, given that the process can occur in icy conditions. The best battery jump starter, which is convenient to use, will allow you to start a car in a short time. So, if you really care about your vehicle, it's high time to learn what are the best jump starters 2020. Our rating, informative reviews, and useful information on how to make the right choice will be even more than helpful.

The classification of this equipment is carried out according to various criteria. One of them is the power type. Depending on this aspect, best jump starters are divided into two main groups: plug-in and portable.

Plug-in Jump Starters

Plug-in Jump Starters

These are devices working from any standard power source with a voltage of 220V. Due to their dependence on an external energy source, plug-in models are more suitable for use in car repair shops or garages. Their area of ​​use is limited by the length of power cable or extension of a cord coil.

Portable Jump Starters

These models are equipped with their own battery and are absolutely mobile, compact, and perfectly suited for the needs of an ordinary car owner. However, they have limitations on the capacity and power of the built-in battery, on which a possible number of engine starts will depend. Portable devices do not require any special maintenance, but it will be necessary to follow the manufacturer recommendations as for charging.

As you can see, both types of best jump starters are characterized by versatility. That is, with their help, you can both start an engine with a dead battery, and charge a rechargeable battery.



The primary purpose of best car starters is to light up a vehicle’s battery in an unusual situation. A related purpose of their use is to charge gadgets like smartphones, laptops, cameras, etc. That’s why it is essential to choose the right device. All the criteria given below will be useful to consider.


As a rule, in most cars, the onboard voltage is 12V. Only some models of jeeps and trucks may be an exception, where the tension of standard power network supply is 24V. Some models of the best car battery jump starters out there are equipped with a voltage switch and can operate in two or three modes – 6, 12 and 24V.

Starting Current

According to jump starter reviews, the power of the starting current should not be less than the minimum value consumed by the starter. Depending on the viscosity of the oil, the starter may require up to 400A to turn the crankshaft. Under normal conditions, this value is half as much, about 200A. The simplified approximate value of the current consumed by a starter can be calculated by multiplying the battery capacity by three. Do not be afraid of the failure of the starter when applying excessive current power as it won’t intake more than needed.

In addition to the starting current, manufacturers often indicate a peak one, which is several times higher than the nominal value. The best car battery jump starter can generate a peak high power pulse for a split second at the very first moment of the engine start. Nominal power steadily holds for three seconds. At this time it is recommended to turn the starter, with intervals of three minutes to restore the battery capacity of the booster.

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity

This value indicates how many attempts can be made to start the engine of a vehicle. For example, the cheapest models have a capacity of 15-17 mAh, which approximately corresponds to three or four attempts to start a frozen car engine. More powerful jump starters for sale can withstand up to 10 or more startup cycles. After that, you will need to recharge the battery of the device.

As jump starter reviews say, sometimes it is necessary to give preference to models that are more potent in parameters. A more expensive option, in this case, will be fully justified by the increased reliability and extended service life of the device.

Cable Length

Charging from 220 V, cords for phones and clips for batteries are essentials. The length and cross-section of the power cable should not scare you – short and thin wires have the same low resistance as a large cross-section. In addition to accessories of the basic plan, it would be nice to have an adapter for charging booster from the cigarette lighter.

Charge Cycles

Charge Cycles

All lithium-polymer batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. Not every manufacturer indicates precisely how much. On average, the battery can withstand up to 1,000 cyclic loads.

Li-Po batteries are aging. If there is no need for a device, store it in a warm room with a charge of 40% of the nominal value. Taking into account jump starter reviews, in these conditions, it will live longer.


To sum it up, the best car jump starter is a useful thing, especially for the winter season.

Based on our research, it is possible to state for sure that Clore Jump-N-Carry JNC660 170 is one of the best jump starters 2020 has to offer. They are compact, portable, and available at affordable prices. If to compare this best car battery jump starter with other devices, it has a lot of benefits. For example, the starting current of 1,700 amps offers an excellent opportunity to run the engine in cold and frosty weather. At the same time, this best battery jump starter comes with an inbuilt voltmeter, which measures a charge level of a car battery. As for the dimensions, this device is not mini, but it can be easily carried in the trunk of your vehicle. If you still have any doubts, recheck our battery jump starter reviews.

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If you use the best jump starter to charge a smartphone, and rarely to start a car, then you can pick a low-cost, compact model. The capacity should not exceed 8,000-10,000 Ah. Such models usually come with two USB ports with different characteristics, an informative display, a good flashlight, and quite good launch parameters. If you plan to charge a laptop periodically, then you should look at models that have the appropriate output at 15/19 V. The larger the capacity of the best battery jump starter, the better. It is recommended to consider such models as Clore Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700, NOCO Boost Plus GB40 or Schumacher PSJ-2212.
A good auto jump starter is a real lifesaver for drivers. An excellent solution will be to choose classic models, which are entirely autonomous. They do not need a power outlet, as power comes from the built-in battery. And this means that you can crank the starter and run the engine anywhere the discharged battery might find you.
If you are looking for a lithium jump starter, it may be challenging for you to make the right choice. To do this, you should take some time to sort out this issue, read user reviews, and study technical characteristics of devices under consideration. Clore Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 is an excellent example of the best lithium jump starter. It offers 1,700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps. Of course, it may seem a bit heavy, but at the same time, it is feature-rich, durable, and effortless in use.
The optimal value of starting the current should exceed ten times the rated capacity of the auto battery. For an 80 Ah battery, select a device with 800A starting current. You should not use the starting-charging tool if the starting current exceeds the maximum allowed value. Otherwise, it will work at the limit of its capabilities. This is fraught with a quick breakdown and even fire.
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