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Last Updated: 21 April 2020

Today, I’m going to write a review of the cordless trimmer. Now, I wrote a pretty long cordless trimmer review to a product on Amazon last year, but it got lost. Anyway, since then some more cordless trimmers have come out, so that might be outdated. Since then, the Bevel cordless trimmer came out, and also the Andis T-Outliner came out. I’ve been using about five for the past year, and now I feel like I can give a more thorough idea of what the best cordless trimmer is out there.


So, to break them down individually, I’m now going to give you the pros and cons of each individual trimmer. So, to start, I will go with the trimmer that I felt was the best, and that is the Wahl Cordless Detailer.

Pros & Cons

So, the pros, it’s got a nice wide t-blade on it and also delivers a beautiful sharp line. I initially liked the idea of this little lever at the side for zero gapping, but it doesn’t work anymore. This leads me to the cons of the Wahl Cordless Detailer. Out of all five trimmers that I’ve got these probably feel like the weakest build, they feel the cheapest out of a lot of them. The construction is made of a plastic body that doesn’t feel the same as some of the other models that I have, it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy.

Ergonomically, it’s not particularly amazing in comparison to some of the other ones as well. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you’re holding them all day, using them all day, you want something very comfortable to use. They don’t quite match up some of the other trimmers that I’ve got. Also, out of all the trimmers that I’ve got they have the shortest run time, you get a 60-minute runtime from a 60-minute charge, in comparison again to some of the other ones I’ve got that fall short.


So, I may have been slightly premature in my initial judgments. Now I’ll move on to the Bevel cordless trimmer, and I took a while with these ones because I’ve broken the blades initially. Then, I had to wait on a replacement blade for a while, so I took a little time to get used to these but can finally tell you what I think.

Pros & Cons

So, the pros, fantastic run time, 4-hour run time out of these, it’s almost like you never need to charge them all. And also, the thumb adjustment in there for zero gapping infinitely, infinitely more comfortable and more accurate than the lever that was on the Wahl Cordless Detailers. The build quality of these trimmers is also superb. Also, I don’t need a stand. I can just set them there, I don’t have to have wires trailing everywhere. And out of all of them, they stay the coolest even after extended use. There’s a stay-cool feature with them. They never feel like they’re overheating, particularly a concern of mine when you’re using them for close clipper work. There is a lot of fading, they don’t feel like they’re going to heat up and stick to somebody’s scalp. And finally the grip up, the non-slip grip, is absolutely fantastic.

The only con that I found with them was enough for me not to use them anymore, and that con is they are super aggressive. Whenever I’ve used them to do line ups, beard trims, part of fading, I always ended up catching some client’s twitching that way when they’re getting it done, and for that reason alone I couldn’t use them. This took place every single time I used them, no matter how I adjusted the blade. Everything else about them was great, but just a little bit too aggressive for my liking.


And so, the next one I’m going to talk about is the Babyliss Super Motor Trimmer. I will start with the pros again, the build quality of these is fantastic.

Pros & Cons

Feels like a super solid material in there, really nice feel of the trimmers. The other pro is you’ve got the two interchangeable blades to choose from. I always prefer to have a T-outliner, so I’ve kept that on there, but there is a narrower one for people who prefer that as well.

The zero gapping tool that it comes with, is straightforward to use as well. On the con side, although they feel like they take the hair nice and close, they leave the softest line. You cannot seem to get a beautiful sharp line in there with them, no matter how you adjust them. This doesn’t seem like a big deal considering how I complained the Bevels were far too aggressive, but these are, too far in the opposite direction. A side note—I wanted these to be my favorite, because I just like the way Babyliss stuff looks, and ergonomically all their stuff is good as well, it’s too soft for my liking.


Now, we’re going to do the pros of the old favorites, Andis Slimline Pro.

Pros & Cons

So, the pros are, easily the nicest trimmers to use, the most ergonomic, the light feeling. Plus, they’ve got a good solid feel to them though they don’t feel like an inferior quality blade.

Super easy to zero gap as well, 2-hour runtime, so you’re going to have them pretty much last you all day on a full charge. And there is a lovely T-blade that leaves you a good sharp line for detailed work. So, the cons coming up. I bought the original Andis Slimline Pros and kept the body, but I have replaced the blades on these numerous times. For some reason, you seem to burn through the blades like nobody’s business.


And finally, we come to the Andis T-Outliners. So, the pros, the blade is a nice wide T-outliner. As I said, that’s the one I prefer, and as far as precision lines go, they do not get more precise than these. Also, the stand that it comes with is nice and sturdy. You’re never going to knock that over.

Now, the cons. There’s only one con with them. They overheat incredibly during extended use on the shop floor. Now, with the corded T-Outliners, a lot of people skeleton them. You may remove the top part, and that cools the blade down, but the LED light that comes when you’re using them would make me not want to try and skeleton them, especially at a $160 a pair.


So, after all of that time using all these different trimmers, here’s my conclusion. If you took everything away from here except one trimmer and told me that was the only trimmer I could use, I’d ask you to leave me the Andis Slimline Pros.

It is the easiest to use throughout the day, boasts a long-running time, a sharp line, and takes everything nice and close. Okay, you burn through a lot of blades. However, in comparison to a lot of the other cons that these have in terms of overheating, the way that they feel to use economically, the quality of the build, they’ve got everything that every other set of clippers has right. Also, these cost $80 compared to, £200 for the Bevels, $100 for the Cordless Detailer, $110 for the Babyliss and $160 for the endless T-outliners. So, value for money alone makes the Slimline Pros worthwhile. So, I hope you found this useful, thanks very much for reading, thanks for your patience as well!

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