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Last Updated: 25 March 2020

Regardless of whether you are using your PC for gaming or running a program that will heat your system, it's essential to keep your CPU temperature low with the best CPU cooler. Thus, you may be bothered with questions like; what type of cooling system should I use? Would liquid be better than air? Are there preferred brands out there?

Let's be real here; there is no clear answer when it comes to the best CPU air cooler or if it will work for you. Generally, you'll see that the best coolers that are air based are superior, but are only suitable for specific builds. If you don't fancy doing all of the research for the best CPU cooler yourself, we can make it a bit easier on you by providing you with the top 5.


The best CPU air coolers are attachable or installed systems that blow cold air into your PC to help keep the main compartments cold. By doing so, you can lower the overall temperature of your system. This, in turn, helps expand your CPU’s lifespan and keeps the system from burning out.


If you want to preserve the life of your system and also extend the lifespan of other parts, you will need a very efficient cooling system. Why would you want an air cool specifically? This is because it’s a safer method for keeping your system cold, especially if you find the best CPU camera reviews. Air coolers don’t require any complicated installations, can be inside or outside of your computer, and don’t need the use of carefully placed thermal paste.


One of the best budget CPU coolers is the Deepcool Gammaxx 400. It features a PWM CPU fan which includes LED lights and has four different powered heat pipes. It comes with extra fan clips, which can also be useful if you’re attaching many fans. Lastly, this unit is affordable and is suitable for any setup. The CPU cooler reviews also state that it’s the most affordable option.


For a majority of the population, it is not needed. However, dependent on how much stress you put on your CPU, you will need to get a cooling system. Unless you want to risk permanent damage that requires you to invest in a whole new CPU, then it’s best to get a CPU cooler. How do you know if you need one? If you game, stream, use editing programs or use multiple applications at once, then you will need a cooler to help lower the temperature.


There are two main ways to keep your CPU cool, either by using the best CPU liquid cooler or the best CPU air cooler. Each of these types provides you with pros and cons, which will be dependent on your preferences. Other than that, you can try to prop a window open, use your PC minimally, and cut down on the types of programs that you use. However, it’s much easier to go with a more relaxed option.


A majority of best CPU cooler liquids are made from a mixture of water, deionized water, glycol, and water dielectric alloys. These types of ingredients are excellent at conducting heat and are the most common ingredients used.


CORSAIR Hydro Series H60

Knowing the different types of coolers can help you make a better choice on which one will work for your setup. Here’s a quick overview of the two types of good CPU coolers on the market.

1. Air Cooling

Air cooling systems are going to be the most common you find as they work well and are incredibly efficient at lowering the core temperature of your CPU. They are relatively inexpensive, though some models will also range on the higher range end. These fans work to push the best fresh air into your system and regulate the temperature of the inside of your system. Heat dissipates and produces a lower temperature for your CPU. It’s the most versatile in terms of cooling systems and also features compatibility.

Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8

2. Liquid Cooling

The next type is called a liquid cooling system. If you’re looking for an upgraded and enhanced system, then these are better. They feature quieter operation, have better setups, and also look aesthetically pleasing. That being said, the liquid is best for those who like to overclock their systems or have their games running on full graphics settings. The only downside is that you will need to change out the pump.


Here are the following aspects and features you need to consider when purchasing the best CPU cooler.

CPU Cooler Types

When it comes to CPU coolers, there are three different types that you’ll find. Not everyone is aware that these coolers and conventional cooling systems have various features that work to keep the CPU properly cooled.

The Air CPU Cooler

Best CPU air coolers work similarly to regular air coolers, and the only difference is that this one will push the air towards your CPU. Over time, this will drive fresh air towards the main compartment of your computer, hence allowing it to refrigerate the circuits and CPU. You’ll find that most of these designs are energy efficient and are very productive at keeping cold temperatures.

CPU Air Coolers

The Liquids CPU Cooler

The best liquid CPU coolers function by transferring heat through a cooling plate and then filter it into the cooling liquid, thus keeping the CPU cool. The warm liquid is moved into a pump outlet tube where the fans will create a cool breeze to help cool down the system. The cool liquid will then flow out of the radiator chamber and return to the tube and finally back into the system. These types are favored because they’re far less noisy than air and also have better performance as well.

Why Upgrade To A Post Stock CPU Cooler?

Well, you may not be inclined to switch your current cooling system as you may think that it’s sufficient. However, there’s always going to be a model that functions better than your current setup. Technology grows at fast rates, which means sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s the best CPU cooling system. Here are a few reasons as to why you should upgrade:

  • Overclocking
  • Noise Reduction
  • System Upgrades
  • Running Hardcore Software
  • System Damages
  • CPU Cooler Designs


This is the next aspect you should consider. Tower Style CPU Coolers may be installed in two variations; the first pulls air from in front of your PC casing while the others pull air from around the CPU. Choosing the best one over the other might be better for your setup. Be sure to do some research as each position has its list of positives and negatives. Downdraft CPU Coolers: The other type is downdraft coolers. These function by rewriting the airflow down and then allowing it to rise and cool down your entire system. These types are often utilized in low profile CPU and can easily fit inside a PC case, making it accessible and easy to install.

How To Choose The Best CPU Cooler For Your PC

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the cooling process, it’s good to get a better idea of how hot your entire PC and components will run. Do a diagnostic test to determine the max temperature that your CPU runs at, that way you can decide whether you need low maintenance or high maintenance CPU cooler. There are plenty of those for sale, but you need to choose one based on your computer.


The best CPU air cooler can make a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of your computer. If you haven’t installed one already, we highly suggest you pick one off of our best CPU cooler list, as this can help regulate your PC’s temperature. Even if you’re not overclocking your computer, running powerful programs, or steaming, you should still have a cooler. Overall, you’ll find that a low-end cooler can keep your CPU at room temperature, which boosts the performance of your computer. There are many affordable types, which make it even easier to find one that’s compatible with your computer type. Before you go out and buy the best CPU cooler, be sure to pay attention to the specific buying considerations, as you don’t want to purchase one that will stop working, always read the reviews. A majority of cooling systems will only be compatible with specific types of rigs, so double check to see if the one you’re interested in works for your type of computer. Also, beware that some cooling systems won’t work in computer cases, as they are large and may only be fit to have on the outside of the system. Lastly, decide if you want air or liquid cooler, as the functions will be different in them. If we had to choose one to be the best CPU cooler, we’d have to select Noctua NH-U14S because it features the best combination of price and performance. It’s easy to install a system that is highly optimizable and has full compatibility with most PCs. The most power it delivers is 150mm through the fan and can help regulate your system and bring it down to shallow temperatures. The only downside we’ve found from the reviews is that it is tremendous and you may need some expertise to fit it into your computer case. However, any of them on our list is the best CPU cooler 2020.

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