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Last Updated: 25 March 2020

Every hunter knows that to maintain a weapon in good condition, it is imperative to take care of it, clean and lubricate it. Only due to correct maintenance, the weapon will serve for a long time and will not let you down at a crucial moment. The best gun cleaning kit will become a good assistant for the care of guns.

Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Let's see what is included in best gun cleaning kit? Sets vary, and they are all differently equipped. The standard set includes a ramrod, a few ruffs, and a wool puff. Ramrod of best gun cleaning kit can be made of different materials: aluminum, steel or brass. The purpose of the ramrod is cleaning the barrel after shooting and its subsequent lubrication. Two-three and more ruffs included into best gun cleaning kit will eliminate even the most persistent dirt. Materials of brushes are steel, copper, and even plastic. Their task is to remove powder from the barrel, which occurs after firing from a gun. The main purpose of puff is to remove residual oil from the barrel.

In addition to standard best gun cleaning kit, it is possible to find a universal set that additionally contains wisher, napkins, and threaded adapters. And, of course, don’t forget about lubricating oils, cleansers, and the case.

As you see, there are many options, and it is necessary to make the right choice. Today you will learn everything about guns cleaning and will easily pick a kit for your gun.

If you really want to take proper care of your guns, it’s high time to choose cleaners that will help to remove all the dirt from weapons and protect them from corrosion. We tested multiple cleaning kits and prepared detailed informative reviews that will help to make the right choice. In addition, we’ll mention our top pick – best gun cleaning kit 2020.


Kits for cleaning weapons after a successful hunt can be very different. Their varieties depend on the type of weapon that was used during the hunt. So, you can select a universal set to clean weapons, a set for cleaning air weapons, a set for cleansing rifles, etc. That is, your choice will depend entirely on the type and characteristics of the gun used.

Air Weapon Cleaning Kit

Pneumatics are cleaned using a collapsible type ramrod with a convenient plastic handle. Also in a set for cleansing pneumatic weapons, there is an oiler made of plastic and several varieties of brushes (special replaceable nozzles) for internal barrel cleanup. Ramrod consists of three parts, each of which is about 26 cm in length. Based on gun cleaning kit reviews, brushes made of plastic and brass are designed to rid barrel of dirt and gunpowder and lead residues. A brush with a fabric base involves the final purification, which is accompanied by lubrication of the inside of the barrel.

Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

Rifle Cleaning Kit

The following type of kit is presented with tools for riffle cleanup. This kit also contains a three-legged ramrod, three types of cleaning nozzles (brushes made of bronze and nylon, as well as a brush-puff). There is also a special container for lubricating oil.

Universal Kit

This set contains all tools necessary for cleanup any type of weapon. There are a ramrod for cleaning rifled and smooth-bore weapons, an adapter and a handle for a three-knee ramrod, brushes made of copper and wool. They allow you to clean sixteen different-sized hunting rifles. In addition, there are special cleansing wipes for a gun. That is, universal gun cleaning kit allows you to use its tools on almost any type of a gun or pistol.


Gun kits are indispensable tools for hunters. They are useful for any type of weapons. Let’s learn how to find and to choose the best gun cleaning kit.

Real Avid Cleaning-Kit


Today there is a wide choice of best gun cleaning kits that will fit any budget requirements. Remember that cheap sets are not the best solution because they are usually sold with cheap brushes of low quality. It means that they can get broken quickly and can even damage your guns. It is recommended to choose kits with a value for the money. They will save your time and efforts. There are a lot of models among the medium-priced category, but in order to make the right choice, you need to examine what are the tools included. At the same time, nobody guarantees that all expensive kits will provide high-quality equipment for gun cleaning. So pay special attention to brand and reviews from clients.

Quality of Materials

Materials and their quality always matter. If your kit contains details made of plastic, it won’t serve you for a long time. Of course, they are not expensive, but it is better to pay once that to buy the same set within a short period of time. The main recommendation is to give preference to sets that contain tools made of plastic and metal. Those that are fully equipped with metal tools are more expensive but they guarantee high quality and exceptional durability.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit


Each set of the best gun cleaning kit is equipped with different accessories. But pay attention only to those that are really useful and show good results. Start your research with a solvent as it should be able to remove dirt and carbon. One more thing that should be included is a degreaser that cleans moving parts from oils. To protect your gun from corrosion, use lubricants in the cleanup. There are also means that guarantee water-resistance. Brushes are also very important accessories. Here it is better to give preference to metal brushes as they are more effective in cleaning. Plastic brushes can get broken just after you make the first movement with them, so their metal analogs are more promising. These are not all accessories that can be included in the best gun cleaning kit but are the most important ones.


Choose kits that come with a special box or a bag. In this way, you will be able to move it from one place to another, and all your accessories will be well organized. The high-quality bag should be water and weather-resistant and should protect metal accessories from corrosion.


Now you know that weapons always require careful maintenance – whether it is collectible, sports, hunting or any other. And it is very good when all elements for care are collected in one portable best gun cleaning kit. Taking into account the results of our research, Otis Elite is the best gun cleaning kit 2020. It can be taken with you to the camp, at shooting range or stored at home. This best gun cleaning kit is ideal for cleaning weapons of any calibers, including rifled from 0.17 to 0.50 and smooth-bore from 410 to 10. Also, this best gun cleaning kit by Otis Technology consists of more than forty items in a nylon case with a lock. It comes with 23 brass high-quality brushes, 6 flexible cables, tools for disassembling critical parts of weapons, patches, grease, barrel cleaning fluid, adapters, etc. What is rather important, if you choose this best gun cleaning kit, you will be able to use it at any conditions as it is not bulky and doesn’t take a lot of space.

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If you are the owner of 9mm gun, you need to make sure that you have a right kit to take care of it. This will save you a lot of time, money and efforts. Having the best kit at home will help to keep your gun in great condition. According to gun cleaning kit reviews, Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Kit is the best set available on the market today as it contains all the necessary components.

Resource of firearms and quality of firing depend on the quality of means for polishing weapons. To ensure that your weapon always remains in perfect condition, a large number of special protective equipment has been created. Each of these best gun cleaning kits is suitable for a certain type of weapon and ammunition. Solvents protect from the appearance of copper coating or barrel ointment as metal particles of a bullet that remain in the barrel can be a big problem in the absence of proper care. The most effective product for gun’s cleanup is Hoppe’s Bore Cleaner. It provides the most aggressive effect on the barrel, but, after applying it, proper wash and lubrication, your gun looks like a new one.

It is hard to determine what best gun cleaner is because there are a lot of them available on the market today. If you are an owner of several firearms, it is recommended to choose a universal set with flexible rods for cleaning and special bronze brushes. Only with its help, all your weapons will be fully functional.

AR 15 is world’s famous professional weapon that requires professional regular maintenance. Today there is a wide choice of kits that are able to provide proper care. The best variant of such a set should be of compact size and should be easily packed. Best AR 15 kit usually comes with strong tools and means as they won’t damage the weapon.

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