10 Best Hedge Trimmers to Make Your Yard Perfect in 2019

Last Updated: 16 July 2019

If you want to make your front yard look flawless a hedge trimmer is mandatory. These days are gone, when you could just pick up your clippers and spend 5 days to trim one single bush. Technology has advanced very fast and now the market offers a very large array of bush trimmers and hedge trimmer brands. First thing first you will have to look around your yard or garden and figure out what you will have to work on. The type of hedges, how high and thick they are, accessibility and the size of your yard all play a part in choosing the best hedge trimmer for the task.

The size and power of the tool required are directly correlated to how large the bushes in your yard are. You have two choices when it comes to how the trimmer is powered: electric or gas. This will be the first decision you have to make regarding the purchase. Gas hedge trimmers are far more powerful but they are not very beginner friendly due to this. Below you will find all the information required to make a decision and make your yard/patio/garden look it’s the best in the process.

Best Hedge Trimmers – Our Top 10

best value
Husqvarna Gas Hedge Trimmer
Great reach
Rating: 10 / 10
Price: See Here
best price
Poulan Pro 40-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Great reach
Rating: 9.7 / 10
Price: See Here

1 place :
Top Choice - Husqvarna Gas Hedge Trimmer Review

Top Choice - Husqvarna Gas Hedge Trimmer Review

What’s the best approach to choosing a bush trimmer who’s functions, and features align with your needs? Quite simple actually. You should check out reviews around the web to see what experiences other people have had with them. And it just so happens that Husqvarna hedge trimmer with its centuries of experience has the best reviews out there. Their gas-powered hedge trimmer is double sided, offers great power, makes as little noise as possible and requires little to no effort to get it up and running out of the box. And most importantly will cut any branch or bush you throw at it so get creative!

pros +
Easy to start
Anti-vibration system for extended use
cons -
People using this hedge trimmer have reported that it tends to cough up if the gas in the tank is close to depletion. So for smooth trimming top it up when it is at about 25%

2 place :
Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer - Poulan Pro 40-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer - Poulan Pro 40-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Our next entry comes from well-known manufacturer Poulan with its very powerful cordless hedge trimmer. Coming on the list with an award-winning ergonomic design, state of the art technology that enables great soundproofing it makes for a great choice. With a great 40Volt battery it cuts right through even the thickest branches.

pros +
Starts at a push of a button
Makes little to no noise, so you can use it at any hour of the day
Acceptable weight to offer maximum comfort
cons -
Only comes with one battery. The batteries are quite expensive so if you want to be able to use it without stop you will have to purchase another one

3 place :
Sturdiest Hedge Trimmer on the Market - Bosch Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter Attachment

Sturdiest Hedge Trimmer on the Market - Bosch Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter Attachment

If you haven’t yet decided with trimmer to go for the current entry is probably the best electric hedge trimmer with extension pole. This tool comes with a multi-tool attachment that was designed to handle most of the jobs done around the garden. It has a great feature with an adjustable angle hedge cutter – up to 180 degrees. This comes in handy for very tall hedges if you want to make sure that you have an even top for them without having to use a very long ladder. No tools are required to change or remove the extension so you can do it on the fly without having to stop hedging.

pros +
Very powerful comes with a 1000-watt drive unit
Optimal weight distribution
A wide variety of attachments available on the market to complete any job you could imagine
cons -
People are reporting issues with weight and cutting performance. However, these are most likely caused by incorrect usage. Reading the manual should make all these issues go away

4 place :
Easy to Assemble - Ryobi Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole

Easy to Assemble - Ryobi Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole

Part of their ONE+ system the tool comes without a charger and a battery. This means that all their tools can operate with the same Li-Ion battery to save costs and make travelling for a job easier. For this model the manufacturer recommends using the 18V ONE+ battery for best results. Has a great reach of up to 7 meters and it comes together easily without any extra tools needed thanks to the Ryobi hedge trimmer attachment. With a 2.5Ah battery you can expect it to run for 1 hour uninterrupted.

pros +
135 degrees cutting head with four available positions
45cm Diamond Ground blades for swift cuts
Capable of cutting up to 2cm diameters branches
cons -
Double-sided blade will take you a while to get used to. Take it for a test drive before you use it on your most lush wedge. Keep in mind that it cuts both ways

5 place :
Best Maneuverability - Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Best Maneuverability - Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Three separate sections combine into this very long and maneuverable hedge trimmer with Ryobi hedge trimmer 18v. While most high range trimmers come with a weight issue Ryobi has managed to keep this very light and easy to use for long periods of time. While it is a little top heavy that does not make the job harder. It has one of the longest blades out of the products on our list at 45 centimeters.

pros +
Fantastic reach
Has a sawing option for thicker stems
Shoulder strap included
cons -
Top heavy so in order to use it properly you will have to get used to the correct balance. From other people experiences it takes about two hours to have a solid grasp on its balance

6 place :
Best for Beginners - Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer

Best for Beginners - Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer

This is a very lightweight corded tool handy to get in right in there and get the job done. The steel dual action blade comes in a 22 inches for great reach. A cord lock is included so that you do not unplug the tool while working. If you are looking for a powerful trimmer this is a choice that cannot be beaten. 9/16" cutting capacity makes it great for trimming small bushes and shrubs.

pros +
Designed with continuous use in mind
Powerful and long lasting
cons -
Not well suited for larger jobs. Thicker branches may prove an issue as it does not have a saw function. If you are looking to trim small bushes then this is a great match

7 place :
Best Blade on The Market - Remington Electric Hedge Trimmer

Best Blade on The Market - Remington Electric Hedge Trimmer

Remington brings forth their titanium coated blade for maximum durability and improved cutting performance. The blade alone makes it a must buy as it is capable of slicing through the thickest bush like its hot butter. The tool was designed to ensure that your hands do not get tired after prolonged use. This makes it a great choice for those that have arthritis or other mobility issues.

pros +
Blade remains sharp
Great at shaping hedges
Great price
cons -
The thumb safety works great and does offer the desired function. However, it is a little rough on the fingers with continuous use

8 place :
Best Battery Life - BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer

Best Battery Life - BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer

This BLACK AND DECKER hedge trimmer shines when it comes to getting the job done fast! It is a very small model but does not get fooled by that – it is very powerful and gets the job done very fluidly. You can expect the battery to last you 300 square feet on a single charge. So if you are facing a long job and your hedges and bushes are short this is the best choice out there.

pros +
High power for a cordless variant
Intuitive controls that make it a great choice for entry-level gardeners
Low vibrations
cons -
It cannot cut those thicker branches so it is best to acquire this model if you plan to use it for small scale jobs

9 place :
Versatility - Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless

Versatility - Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless

This Makita hedge trimmer comes equipped with two Li-Ion batteries for zero downtime. This aspect alone makes it a great catch – based on the reviews. Now that we know that it is highly reliable for long duration jobs, let’s look into its other great features. It has three-speed options to accommodate speed for the required application. The 30-inch blade and the anti-vibration feature make it very versatile and fit for any task. The charge time for the battery is greatly improved – you can expect it to be full and ready for use within 45 minutes.

pros +
Increased cutting capacity
Fast charge time
Rear handle with adjustable positions for comfort
cons -
Heavier than advertised because the battery weight is not included online. However, it is still lightweight and allows for a long trimming session

10 place :
Best Design - Sun Joe Electric Hedge Trimmer

Best Design - Sun Joe Electric Hedge Trimmer

If you think it is time for a total makeover of your yard, then this nifty hedge trimmer may come in handy. It comes in a fitting green color and has a very interesting design. It comes in very light at just over 5.0 lbs. and has a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you are after clean and fast cuts this is a product worth looking further into.

pros +
Excellent value
East to maneuver
Instant start
cons -
Comes with a slight delay from the moment you place the power off button to the actual moment it stops. Keep this in mind and you should not encounter any other issues

Best Hedge Trimmers Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Through Branches?

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Through Branches?

Most models out there on the market can indeed cut through branches. It can appear as a daunting task but with a steady hand, it will be done quite quickly. Of course, the power of the trimmer plays a great role here. Gas powered hedge trimmers are best suited for this task as they are the most powerful. Keep in mind that it all depends on the teeth opening – so the larger the blade the easier you will be able to cut through larger branches.

Can You Trim Azaleas With a Hedge Trimmer?

Can You Trim Azaleas With a Hedge Trimmer?

In order to have your azaleas bush maintain its natural appearances, we advise that you use a pruning shearer instead. It is done with a hedge trimmer, but the result will not be optimal. The flowers appear right below the pruning cuts. If you use a hedge trimmer you will end up with a bloom that looks unnatural. This could be a welcome addition to a formal garden that has regular shapes. Azaleas look for better when pruned at different lengths because they maintain their natural form. All in all, it’s about preference.

Why is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working?

There are quite a few reasons for which a hedge trimmer will not start. We need to figure out what the issue is in order to resume the yard work as fast as possible.

A common reason for them to not start is a problem with the spark plug. Damaged electrode or burned up, having carbon buildup or a cracked insulator are all possible reasons. In that case, the spark club has to be thrown away and replaced. Start it with a new spark plug and see if this was the issue.

Alternatively, the carburetor may be clogged. That means fuel cannot reach the equipment in order to start. You have two options – cleaning the carburetor as it is an easy task or replacing it. Sometimes after very long use cleaning, it will not be enough, and you will need to purchase a new carburetor.

What is the Difference Between a Hedge Trimmer and a Hedge Cutter?

Manual trimmers or cutters are pretty much a very large scissor – they can cut small branches and twigs. All you need is strong arms to get them going which makes them very cheap and eco-friendly.

Hedge trimmers can either work on gas or electricity. They simplify the task of cutting the hedges much faster and with less effort. Their mechanism is very similar to that of a bar mower. They only run only when they are gripped by the operator’s hands – so accidents are very improbable. The gas trimmers tend to be the most powerful and best suited for large jobs. Electric types are lighter and pollute far less than their gas counterparts.

Can I Use a Chainsaw as a Hedge Trimmer?

Can I Use a Chainsaw as a Hedge Trimmer?

Technically you can use a chainsaw to trim your hedges. Is it practical? Not really. Due to the fact that a chainsaw is designed for larger tasks, it is heavy and hard to handle. You cannot really expect to do a long-time job using a chainsaw because your hands will get very tired very quickly. If you still want to try using a chainsaw you can find some very important things you should know below.

Protective gear is a must. Chainsaw chaps are necessary to protect your legs if the chain pops off while trimming. Never use the chainsaw overhead – use a pole hedge trimmer for such a task as using a chainsaw is far too dangerous.

Buyer’s Guide – All you Need to Know About Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmer Types

You have three different power types available – cordless, corded electric and petrol/gas.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

The best choice for a small garden. They are not heavy at all and only operate in the vicinity of a power plug. An extension lead might be needed if your hedges are too far away from the house or barn.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

The fact that they offer free movement makes them better suited for medium to large gardens. You also do not face the risk of cutting your cable, not with the corded trimmers.

Petrol/Gas Hedge trimmers

Gas trimmers come with far more power and greater uptime. If you have a large garden trimming job or dense/overgrown bushes they are best suited. Keep in mind that they are quite heavy, and you must perform daily maintenance.

How to Choose the Best Hedge Trimmer?

How to Choose the Best Hedge Trimmer?


The best way to figure out how powerful the best hedge trimmer 2019 is to check its power source. As a rule of thumb gas hedge trimmers bring more power to the table than the electric models. However, electric models come in a wide range of power levels. The higher the voltage the harder the job they can tackle. The power level you will require is dependent on what type of hedges you have to trim, the size and what kind of power you are OK with having in your hands.


If you want higher power you will have to pay a premium. Corded lightweight models are great for simple jobs and you can find one for as low as 30$.

If you prefer a cordless model you can expect the price to go up to 60$ however you will get the job done twice as fast. If you want a high-power battery, a longer blade, fast charge times these will all add to the price and make the job faster.

At 250$ you can find the entry-level gas trimmer. They are better suited for contractors or for a business. If you have a very large garden, then it would be wise to invest in a gas-powered trimmer.


The longer the blade the easier it is to trim evenly over a large surface. If you are faced with a tight space then it can become quite dangerous to use a trimmer with a very long blade.

For a typical job an 18-inch blade should suffice. If you have room to maneuver a 20-inch blade could make your job faster and easier. If you are a newbie it is best to start with a short blade as it is far safer to work with.

Blade Types

You have to pay attention to how far apart the teeth are and to see if your blade cuts on both sides. The blade gap dictates how thick a branch you can cut with it. For most home jobs you would make work with a ½ inch gap blade.

The single-sided blades are easy to use as you will have small twigs and branches fly in only one direction. However, with experience you can start using a double-sided blade in order to complete the job faster.


The heavier the trimmer the harder it will be to use it for long periods of time. Even experienced users get worn out quite fast by a heavy tool. However, they do come with more power. A light model is both safer and easier to use even for the inexperienced general public.

Ease of Use

As we have just mentioned, weight is the biggest factor when it comes to ease of use. Other factors are the power source.

Gas models tend to be harder to maintain and control. Electric models are light and start with the push of a button. A cordless model is even easier to use since you can go anywhere you want with it and not care about the cord.


It does not matter what type of trimmer you acquire, it’s important to check out the instructions to be certain you are using it in a safe manner and to be able to use it for a longer period. Every single type of hedge trimmer will need some kind of maintenance. However, the work you need to put in varies on some factors.

Gas trimmers you need to make sure you have enough fuel available. You also have to change the spark plug from time to time and keep the vent clear. When the season ends, you have to give the engine a thorough cleanse and store it in a dry place.


With such powerful tools, safety becomes priority number one. You cannot ignore sharp high power blades. You have to start off with a light model that has great safety features and read and understand the instructions perfectly. You have to be paying attention at all moments when using a hedge trimmer. Respect the blades and understand that if they do such damage to twigs they will damage your leg if you misplace it.

Most trimmers have features specifically designed to add safety. Tooth extensions are added in order to have the blades as far away from your body as possible. If you release the trimmer power will be cut off – in case you dropped it for example. There is also a shield around the handle so that you cannot have your hand to close to the moving blade.


If you hate loud noises or do not want to get in trouble with your neighbors then you should look into electric trimmers.

If you simply must use a gas trimmer make sure you purchase earplugs along with it. Check reviews online to see what people report on each model. If they mention that it is loud then head over to the manufacturers’ website and ask them to provide decibel levels.


You want to buy a hedge trimmer that will last you years. If you want to find a sturdy trimmer you will have to choose a brand that has a great reputation and a few years warranty on their products.


  1. Cordless – The easiest to use out of the bunch and has unlimited reach.
  2. Tooth Extensions – They put distance between the blades and your body.
  3. Dual Switches – Both hands must be on the tool which in turn increases safety.
  4. On lock – Makes it so that you do not have to hold the power button.
  5. Off lock – If there are kids around the house enable this setting so that if anyone presses the power button no harm will come to them
  6. Warranty – The higher it is the better the product you will acquire will be.

Our Recommendation for 2019

We have provided all the information needed for you to be able to make an educated choice. We only recommend, according to our homemakerguide, the best out there so based on reviews you should look into buying the Husqvarna 122HD45. People are very pleased with their product and it should be a match for you as well. We are sure that you will find the best hedge trimmer that fits your needs.

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