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Last Updated: 25 March 2020

Programming is a fairly popular profession in the modern world, but a good programmer must be productive. This means that he should work on a technique that has good functionality. The most important thing for an IT person is the keyboard.


What Makes A Keyboard Programmer-Friendly?

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A convenient tool for a programmer must first have excellent feedback when pressing any key. This is ensured by quality switches. These are the Cherry MX and Topre. In addition, professionals appreciate the simplicity so as not to be distracted by unnecessary details. Therefore, it is better to use the standard one. Another important point is that such a device should be able to disable the numeric keypad.

Keyboard Size Matters

The best keyboard for programming is divided into three types: full-size, without Numpad or TKL and compact. It all comes down to personal preference. A full-size device has all the keys, but it is quite voluminous, perhaps the TKL models are the best for a programmer because they often do not need a Numpad. Additionally, it saves space.

Are Ergonomic Keyboards Worth Buying?

An ergonomic keyboard for programming will take some time to get used to it, but those who use this kind of device no longer perceive the standard as something best. It saves space, and it is very convenient for typing.

Membrane & Mechanical Switches: The Most Important Factor Types Of Mechanical Switches

Keyboards for Programming

This is the most important aspect when choosing your best mechanical keyboard for programming. They are divided into types according to switch technology. As for switching technology, they can be divided into the membrane, dome, scissor and mechanical. The last three are most often used for laptops. Membrane and mechanical switches are most often installed on a conventional one. Membrane keyboard works with plastic key plungers. That is, you click on the membrane, it activates the contact in the matrix and records the pressure. Such types do not give noticeable feedback. Best mechanical variant has separate switches for each key. Such switches consist of a base, a spring, and a rod. They are the most convenient because they can be replaced, and they give excellent feedback, they also differ in special speed. The types of mechanical switches are divided into Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, and Topre. Cherry MX Blue provides an identical click when pressed and is particularly accurate. This is what you need for fast typing. Cherry MX Brown is suitable for those who like to work in silence because they do not make a clicking sound. Topre. These are Japanese switches, which are rapidly gaining in popularity rather swiftly. They have tactile feedback. They are quiet programmers who prefer them.

Key Rollover – KRO & N-Key Rollover – NKRO

Filco Ninja Majestouch 2

The key rollover is the ability of a concrete programming mechanical keyboard to work with the maximum variability of key combinations. This is more necessary for gamers. Each mechanical keyboard programming has special labels. For example, if the device has a label 5-key switch, it means that it can work with only five keys combinations at a time. If you go out on the N-key rollover, this means there is no limit on the combination of keys with simultaneous operation.


The keyboard for a good programmer is like a weapon for a hunter. His speed and performance depends on it because programming is scrupulous work. Therefore, it requires the best tool for programming, which simplifies life. The best product on the list is the Filco Ninja Majestouch 2. It is characterized by great functionality and the added convenience because the letters are drawn in front. This model is convenient and comfortable at work and is considered one of the best on the market.

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