9 Best Lawn Edger for Real Gardeners in 2019

Last Updated: 16 July 2019

Every homeowner likes to keep their garden looking sharp and fresh all year round. And to achieve great results, you need to have high-quality tools such as the best edger trimmer. When it comes to lawns, you need the best lawn edger to get the job done. If you still ask yourself what exactly does it do, learn that it uses a metal vertical blade to trim and cut grass to give it a perfect shape and clearly eliminate it from the driveway or any other areas.

Getting the best lawn edger is not what you may call an easy task because there are many different models out there and in this article, we are not going to simply present you the best model. We went through a lot of reviews to select only the best lawn edger models and present them to you. By going through all these top rated lawn edgers reviews, you should be able to select the very best lawn edger to adapt to your front or backyard. So, without further ado, let’s get you the best lawn edger on the market so that you can have a great time taking care of your grass.

Top 9 Best Lawn Edgers Compared and Reviewed

best value
Black+decker Edge Hog Le750
Adjustable blade
Rating: 9.8 / 10
Price: See Here
best price
Greenworks 27032 Lawn Edger
Auxiliary handle
Rating: 9.6 / 10
Price: See Here
Mclane 801 9 Inch Gas Powered
Clutch and depth control
Rating: 9.5 / 10
Price: See Here

1 place :
Best Overall: Black+decker Edge Hog Le750 Electric Landscape Trencher And Edger 2-1/4 Hp

Best Overall: Black+decker Edge Hog Le750 Electric Landscape Trencher And Edger 2-1/4 Hp

Ideal for a small-sized lawn that needs a quick trim, the Black + Decker is a fantastic choice from multiple points of view. It competes for the title of the best lawn edger thanks to its versatile tools that will keep your grass looking sharp and with clear and clean edges. You can also use it to dig trenches when reshaping the flower beds or any other maintenance work you are doing in your garden. Powered by an 11 AMP 2.25 HP motor it is capable of producing a torque power of 150 in-lbs that can handle even the toughest grass. The 7.5-inch steel blade offers you a clean cut even on the harder surfaces near driveways.

pros +
Great for small lawns
High-quality blade
Adjustable for left hand
cons -
Not great for larger surfaces

2 place :
Best Affordable: GreenWorks 27032 Lawn Edger 7.5 Inch 12 Amp

Best Affordable: GreenWorks 27032 Lawn Edger 7.5 Inch 12 Amp

Our search for the best lawn edger continues with this model from GreenWorks. Perfect for manicuring and cutting a small yard and making it look sharp. You can easily get it going by pressing a button and even though it is a corded model, you will not have to worry about the cord being tangled. With a 12-amp motor and a double-edged blade, you can make sure that your yard will look awesome after you trim it properly with this extremely helpful tool.

pros +
Great price tag
Light but durable
Easy to start
cons -
You have to keep it plugged in all the time, however, you also do not have to worry about changing the batteries

3 place :
Best For Large Surface: Mclane 801 9 Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger 5.50gt

Best For Large Surface: Mclane 801 9 Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger 5.50gt

In our journey towards the best lawn edger, we couldn’t overlook the McLane gas powered edger. It is great for larger properties and you will be able to get remarkable results thanks to its adjustable cutting blade. The McLane model will make it extremely easy to take care of tougher grass as well as other debris. The tank is large enough to allow you up to 3 hours of continuous operation so that you can do the entire yard in one run.

pros +
Great on larger surfaces
Powerful engine for difficult jobs
Solid built with strong materials
cons -
After working for a longer time with this edger you might feel a bit of fatigue in your hands

4 place :
Best Battery Powered: Worx Wg175 Grass Edger And Trimmer Lithium Max 32-volt 12 Inch

Best Battery Powered: Worx Wg175 Grass Edger And Trimmer Lithium Max 32-volt 12 Inch

Another great candidate for the title of the best edger trimmer comes from Worx and it is a light and very maneuverable model. It is a battery powered edger so you won’t have to worry about keeping the cord out of your feet or making sure you have enough cable to do the entire area. Another great thing about it comes from the tilting cutting head that can be adjusted over a 90-degree angle to use it for trimming between rocks or other hard to reach places. Thanks to the front auxiliary handle with 7 different positions you get perfect maneuverability with one hand.

pros +
Ideal for medium lawns
Light and easy to use
Battery powered edger
cons -
Battery life is not excellent, however, it takes only 2 hours for a full recharge

5 place :
Best 2 In 1: Black+decker Trimmer And Edger Lst420 20v Max

Best 2 In 1: Black+decker Trimmer And Edger Lst420 20v Max

Since you are taking such good care of your yard it is clear that you are a big fan of protecting the environment. That is why this model from Black + Decker is the best edger trimmer for you, it is battery-operated and has zero emissions. Even though it is small in size, it can deliver a powerful punch thanks to the electric motor capable of delivering the cutting force you need. Also, thanks to the PowerDrive transmission system you will get a steady amount of power for an accurate and excellent trimming job.

pros +
Powerful and easy to control
2 in 1 tool
cons -
The battery charging time is a bit longer, however, it offers you a good battery life

6 place :
Best Fuel Capacity: Troy-bilt Tb516 Ec Wheeled Edger 29cc 4-cycle

Best Fuel Capacity: Troy-bilt Tb516 Ec Wheeled Edger 29cc 4-cycle

If you are looking for a high-quality gas edger for sale, this is the one for you. It comes with a spring assist to help you get started in no time even in colder temperatures and it has a competitive price for the power and precision offered. You can adjust the height of the blade extremely easy and at a total weight of 30 pounds, you will be able to operate it easily without having to lean on it for the most difficult parts of the yard. It is also equipped with a shield made of polypropylene that protects you in case you hit any stones or other debris that may fly and cause damage.

pros +
Powerful gas powered edger
Easy to start and operate
Good fuel capacity
cons -
This could be the best edger trimmer for the money, however, it is not suited for large surfaces

7 place :
Best Eco Friendly: Worx Wg896 Electric Lawn Edger 12 Amp 2-in-1

Best Eco Friendly: Worx Wg896 Electric Lawn Edger 12 Amp 2-in-1

If you want an efficient lawn edge trimmer that is also quiet and maneuverable, you have to check out the electric trimmer from Worx. Not only that this lawn edge trimmer is comfortable, but with a total weight of only 14 pounds you won’t even feel it when getting the best grass in the neighborhood. It can be used as a trencher as well, however, don’t think you can do any heavy digging with it since it is not powerful enough for any heavy lifting.

pros +
Good battery life
Zero emissions
cons -
Advertised as a 2-in-1, however, the trenching mode is not up to standards

8 place :
Best For Curvy Areas: Truper Tough Rotary Lawn Edger 32100 Tru

Best For Curvy Areas: Truper Tough Rotary Lawn Edger 32100 Tru

Even though it may be hard for some to believe, there are some tasks that are better dealt with using manual tools. A good example to support that is a curved flowerbed or any twisted pathway through the yard. Sure, you could use an automated tool for that, however, it is extremely complicated to get the best results. Even the best gas powered edger can’t deal with the level of flexibility and maneuverability required for such a task. That’s why the Truper manual rotary model is the best tool for such an operation. It has two wheels supporting a big cutting blade so you can trim to perfection.

pros +
Ideal for tight curves
No worries about battery or gas running out
cons -
You can’t use it for larger surfaces as it will take forever

9 place :
Best Manual: Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

Best Manual: Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

If you are more into manual lawn edgers and you want to pick that over any other gas edger for sale out there, the Garden Weasel model is pretty much the best we can recommend. It doesn’t work on a rotary system as other tools do, instead, it is basically a shovel designed to perfectly trim the edges of your lawn. There’s a hole right where the handle meets the digging part and you can apply a lot of power with your foot for those harder terrain areas

pros +
Excellent in the toughest terrain
You can have great control over how deep you are going
Light and rough materials
cons -
If you are not into physical activities, it’s better to stick with a gas powered trimmer

Types of Lawn Edgers

Even though a grass edger is not at all a complicated tool and you’d think you can’t really talk about types of it, there are two main types you need to be aware of. So, no matter if you are going for a gas lawn edger or a cordless edger, these are the two types available.

Pole Single-Wheel

These are quite similar to a grass trimmer but they come equipped with wheels to support the blade and make it easier to maneuver even in the tight spots of your yard. These are usually light and can be operated with ease even without having too much power.

Walk Behind Edger

These are usually bigger and harder models that need multiple wheels for stability. You will discover that most of the gas powered edgers have three wheels and that is a feature you should look for when checking out a gas edger for sale.

Best Lawn Edger Buying Guide – What to Consider

As you see in the gas edger reviews presented to you, there are quite a lot of features to consider when it comes to getting the best lawn edger. In order to have a better understanding of what you need from a lawn edging tool, we are going to take some of the most important features and take a closer look. Also, besides features, we will list a couple of things that should make it easier for you to decide on one model or another.

Garden Size

The first thing you need to consider is how big and powerful the tool should be. If you have a small to medium-sized garden, you should be able to take care of everything with a battery-powered tool or even a corded one. Anything from medium to large means a lot of space to cover. The battery life on even the best electric edger is not infinite and you will have to stretch a lot of power cord extensions to cover everything. That is why a gas powered edger is the safest bet for big lawns.

Power Source

Even though we dipped a bit into this matter in the previous point, we are going to go through it again since it is very important to get the power source right for your needs and to increase comfort.


These are great in small gardens where you can have a socket nearby without going through a lot of trouble. Electric lawn edgers are eco-friendly and quiet, allowing you to enjoy a nice, relaxing time out in the garden.


The main advantage over a corded tool is losing the power cord, however, you also have to take into account the limited battery time. You won’t have to worry about electricity bills either since charging is extremely power-efficient.


Moving on to the big boys, the gas powered edgers are perfect for larger jobs and if you are dealing with hard soil or tough grass. Of course, the downside is that you also have to buy gas and they are also quite expensive and noisy.


Since lawn edgers are all about giving your garden a better look, it is all about how deep and accurate you can cut. Most edgers will offer a cutting depth of 3 inches on a 9-inch blade which is more than enough for any around-the-house work.


Besides all the features and buying considerations mentioned above, you need to make sure that the garden tool you choose makes you feel comfortable while operating it. For a small garden, you don’t need to go with anything but the smallest model to get the job done easily and without much physical activity. Getting a big and powerful model for a larger garden might seem as excessive for some, especially considering the higher price. However, it will make the entire job feel comfy and relaxing instead of hard work.

The Best Lawn Edger – Final Advice

So, are you ready to go shopping for the best edger trimmer? Our homemakerguide team definitely hopes that all the reviews for the best lawn edger, as well as the buying considerations and the classifications in this best lawn edgers reviews guide, provided you with the info and insight required to make the best decision. Even if you don’t get the best lawn edger from the first attempt, there’s no reason to feel discouraged since we mostly learn from mistakes. And with the warranty on most of these models, there’s a big chance you can return it and have another shot at getting the best lawn edger. Or, if you want to play it safe but you are still not 100% certain you identified a model suited for you and you have a medium-sized garden, you can take our word for it and go with the BLACK+DECKER EDGE HOG LE750 ELECTRIC LANDSCAPE TRENCHER AND EDGER 2-1/4 HP. You get durability from the world-renowned manufacturer of tools, excellent maneuverability even in the tightest spaces, and sufficient power to get the job done without any discomfort from noise or vibrations.

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