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Last Updated: 16 April 2020

Buying scanners can be a hassle, especially if you didn’t do your research before heading to a store. Many people aren’t aware that there are many different types of scanners around, each type with its own advantages and disadvantages.

So before heading out, first determine which of the types of scanners will work best for the task that you have in mind. This will make looking much easier. It’ll also help you narrow down your list to only the brands and models that will actually work for your needs.



The portable is compact. It’s one of the newer types of scanners. It has just been introduced recently, and many people are still yet to warm up to it.

Portables are very small. You can hold them in one hand. They can only scan small items, and the result won’t be as good. However, if you’re in a hurry, then it will do. It’s for doing research, when you need that document in a digital form even if it’s a little low res.


The sheetfed is good for bulk scanning. It’s not any bigger than flatbeds. In fact, it’s smaller, but it can continuously scan documents without needing to flip them. They’re usually small, so they’re perfect for offices or desks with small spaces.

This machine has a tray where you put all your files in. The sheetfed would just automatically pull the documents one by one in order to scan them. It’s most used in schools and offices.


The three in one is increasingly popular these days. The three in one is often found in offices. They’re convenient and functional. It gives you access to three different machines for the price of one. Plus, it saves space in the office. Your Xerox copier, scanner and printer can all take up one small space and nothing more.

It doesn’t produce the best result, but if you just need a readable digital version of your paper and not a full-blown high-res version, then this will do.


There’s a huge chance that you’ve seen a flatbed before. It’s one of the most common types of scanners. It has a cover that you have to lift in order to see the scanning glass below. The flatbed comes in many different sizes. It is also included in 3-in-1 types of machines along with a Xerox copier and a printer.


Specialty scanners are rare. They’re only made to perform a small specific function like receipt scanning or business cards. They’re not that big and often come with their own software to enhance the outputs.

Photo Scanners

This scanner is great for photos. It can produce the highest resolution of the scanned image better than any other type of scanner. It typically comes with a free editing software that lets you enhance your outputs.

This is the most expensive type of scanner. It costs more than the three in ones. The result is impressive though so It’s really worth it.


The inventor of scanner is Russell A. Kirsch, an American working for the US National Bureau of Standards.

Well, he was the first man to successfully make it work. He drew that invention from the studies and progresses made by Alexander Bain, the inventor of fax, and Giovanni Caselli, the inventor of the pan telegraph.


Its first incarnation, the “fax,” came to the world in the 1840s. It was a great invention, but it is not yet the machine that we know of today. After 21 years, the pan telegraph was introduced. It’s a good step closer to scanners and paved the way for its existence.

Those two inventions ultimately led to the creation of the actual scanner in 1957. It was the main model that created the scanning machines that we now use today. Its first successful work is a 5×5 picture of Walden, its inventor’s son. It successfully converted the image to black and white and blew it up bigger.

We’ve definitely gotten far in terms of developing the scanner. Today we have so many different types of scanners to cater to all our needs. We should always be thankful to the three men who made the technology possible for us.

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