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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair in 2019 – TOP 10 Reviews & Buying Guide (Dogs and Cats)

Last Updated: 26 February 2020

Do you own a pet? It could be a dog or a cat. Sometimes you wish to have a machine to clean all the pet hair and dirt left behind by these pets. Well, you no longer have to think so much about getting rid of the pet hair when there is a solution. You have to get yourself the best best vacuum for pet hair today if you want to enjoy a hairless home.

Pet hair vacuums are not necessarily hard to use. Most of the time you will find them having easy features to get going. You might be a newbie, but you can easily get started on using the vacuums in no time.

You might have tried before to buy yourself the best vacuum for pet hair, but things didn't go well. This is mostly because you did not have the right guidance on picking the right product. Yes, you can even find people sharing their stories online how some models cannot pick up the pet hair. That has to stop today as we are here to help you out. We have created a buying guide to help you with the process. You can end up with the best product in no time. Which vacuum is best for pet hair? That’s what we’re going to find out. Looking for the most powerful vacuum for pet hair? You’ll find it here.

Our aim is to help you make an informed decision. Without wasting any time, let us get into learning more about vacuums for pet hair. Let’s see what is the best vacuum for pet hair.

Quick Comparison
Best Pet Hair Vacuum

Comparison of the Best Pet Vacuums

Below you will find a comparison table of the top-rated models available on the market today. The aim is to give you a quick sneak peek into their main features.

Bissel Corded Pet Hair Vacuum
best value
Bissel Corded Pet Hair Vacuum
Motorized foot Crevice tool Dual action filtration system.
Multilayer filtration
Rating: 10 / 10
iRobot Roomba 650 Pet Hair
best price
iRobot Roomba 650 Pet Hair
Automatically docks to recharge Cleans different floor types.
AeroVac filter
Rating: 9.8 / 10
Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum
Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum
It has a handheld mode Convenient docking station.
Washable lifetime filter
Rating: 9.7 / 10
WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum
WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum
Rating: 9.5 / 10
Check Price
MWashable and durable filter Easily picks the pet hair.
Pyle PureClean Robot Pet Vacuum
Pyle PureClean Robot Pet Vacuum
Rating: 9.4 / 10
Check Price
Scheduled cleaning possible Low mini profile for better cleaning.
SV780 Cordless Pet Vacuum
SV780 Cordless Pet Vacuum
Rating: 9.3 / 10
Check Price
Convenient for all surfaces Crevice tool available for versatility
Bissel Pet Hair Eraser
Bissel Pet Hair Eraser
Rating: 8.8 / 10
Check Price
Cordless for convenience Can be used for pet grooming
Neato Botvac D80 Robot Pet Vacuum
Neato Botvac D80 Robot Pet Vacuum
Rating: 8.6 / 10
Check Price
Smart mapping capability Auto charge and resume capability
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet
Rating: 8.4 / 10
Check Price
Impressive suction power Come with a pet tool for pet hair removal
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 High Performance
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 High Performance
Rating: 8.2 / 10
Check Price
Good for cleaning multiple surfaces It does not lose suction power

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair - Reviews

What is the best vacuum for dog hair, you might ask. Or what is the best vacuum for tile floors and pet hair? Below, we will review 10 top vacuums for pet hair.

1 place :

Bissel Corded Pet Hair Vacuum Review

Bissel Corded Pet Hair Vacuum Review

If you love your pet, there is a chance you will give it all the grooming care it needs. One thing is for sure, you are bound to end up with pet hair on the seats or any other places. The best vacuum for pet hair from Bissel, could be the best option for you today. The vacuum has the capacity to clean pet hair with ease so that it does not become a nuisance.

Comparing this model to the previous edition, there is a difference in filtration technology. The older model had a single stage filtration, but this one has a dual-layered filtration system. The aim is to make sure you have a better vacuuming performance at all times. There is also the fine mesh filter that helps to block the dirt and pet hair from clogging the paper element filter.

The model is one of the best pet vacuum cleaners you can buy today. This is majorly thanks to the surfaces it can clean. You can use it on upholstery, stairs, auto, etc. With a power rating of 4 amps, it should be enough to cover several surfaces with ease.

The rounded tooth edge makes the cleaner good for giving the pet painless grooming. This is something you will always love to see in a pet vacuum. If it feels comfortable, then grooming it the next time should not be a problem. You have the option of using the 9 teeth side for stubborn tangles and mats. You can finish off the grooming with the 17 teeth side. It is also used for deshedding.

Why We Like It?
  • It is a lightweight model
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2 place :

Best Performance: iRobot Roomba 650 Pet Hair Vacuum Review

Best Performance: iRobot Roomba 650 Pet Hair Vacuum Review

From the name iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum, what comes to mind is a fancy vacuum with probably new technology. Well, you would not be wrong to assume that. This iRobot vacuum for pet hair is here to give you some of the best performances ever.

This handheld vacuum for pet hair has been engineered for performance. It comes with a 3-stage cleaning system. This ensures that there is better cleaning of pet hair than when using other models. It uses the dual multi-surface brushes for cleaning up any surface you could imagine. This is then combined with a vacuum suction to remove even the small particles.

Its technology allows for automatic adjustment of the cleaning head. This is important as not all surfaces are the same. The head is adjusted so that it keeps the cleaning brushes close to the surface as much as possible. This makes possible effective cleaning whether it is a carpet or hard floors.

The model can sense a place where there is more dirt for concentrated cleaning. Let us say the area has a lot of traffic, this means you get more dirt and grime. The same applies to where the pet spends most of its time. You are bound to see more pet hair in such a place. This handheld vacuum will clean such spots for longer so that you remain with a clean house.

One of the adorable features of the model is that it can recharge itself. Once it has finished with the cleaning, it will always go back to its dock for a recharge. This means that the model is always ready for cleaning.

You could as well schedule its cleaning calendar. You can be sure the vacuum will clean the different areas even if you are not there to control it. All this makes iRobot Roomba 650 the second-best vacuum for pet hair on our list.

Why We Like It?
  • It is engineered for performance
  • It easily navigates the house
  • Can be scheduled to clean automatically
  • It cleans thoroughly
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3 place :

Best Cord-Free: Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Revie

Best Cord-Free: Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Revie

Many top rated pet vacuums exist today and the best vacuum for pet hair from Dyson, the V6 animal cord-free vacuum is one of them. It did not get onto the list just by chance, but rather because of its performance and features. One thing that people like most is that you do not have to worry about the cord untangling problems. This model is cord-free to help eliminate that process. No worries about dragging the cable around and thus making it easy to reach various places for cleaning.

The powerful fade-free suction is great for it to be a top cat hair vacuum. It is actually one of the best vacuums for cat hair. You will need more power to ensure that cat hair is removed from the upholstery. There is no doubt you will always love how it is possible to clean the room with this vacuum.

You can always switch to the direct drive cleaner head. This type of head comes with more performance important for cleaning. It will drive the bristles deep into the carpet or any other surface so that it can remove more hair. Such power and versatility should give it more use around the house. It is one of the best vacuums for pet hair on carpet.

If you had the pet in the car seats, you could use the handheld mode for cleaning. This model helps with a more personal approach to cleaning the seats and other surfaces even better. You can be sure you’ll have an easy time removing pet hair from the seats.

This Dyson pet hair vacuum is not just for cleaning the pet hair but rather comes with other cleaning applications. You can even use it to clean the ceiling of your house. Its lightweight nature should make it easy to move around and clean surfaces at different angles. The strong grip also allows for easy cleaning without the model easily slipping.

Why We Like It?
  • Cord-free for ease of cleaning
  • Powerful suction
  • Offers handheld mode
  • Lightweight
  • Works for multiple surfaces
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4 place :

WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum Review

WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum Review

To get on our list of the best vacuums for pet hair, the model had to show its impressive performance to the users. Well, the WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum comes with several desirable features. One of the top features of this animal vacuum should be the cyclonic suction. This ultra-powerful suction is responsible for picking up the dust, crumbs, pet hair, and more dirt from various surfaces. You can see why it could be used for car cleaning and home cleaning too.

Since many people now need a cordless model, that is what you get with this one. It comes with rechargeable tech. This means you can have it easily charged and get ready to remove some dirt from various surfaces. Once it is charged, you will not have to worry about using the power cord. The model has a battery level indicator. Each time you use the vacuum, you can know when to recharge it again. This pet hair cleaner comes with a durable stainless steel HEPA filter. Such type of filter makes the maintenance easier. You simply have to wash it and continue using it. You should notice that it lasts 20 times longer than the normal HEPA filter. It is also good for enhancing the powerful suction important for thorough cleaning.

Another amazing feature of this pet hair sweeper should be its built-in LED light. This light is crucial for making sure you have an easy time seeing in the dark areas for cleaning. It could be important for night cleaning too. Well, you can now reach any place for cleaning without a problem.

Based on other various pet vacuum reviews, this model is the best for your money. It is easy to carry and store if you are done with the cleaning part. It is also one of the best vacuums for pet hair on couch.

pros +
Durable stainless steel HEPA filter
Comes with LED light for night cleaning
Easy to carry and store
It is affordable
It has a powerful suction
cons -
Issues with its battery life
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5 place :

Pyle PureClean Robot Pet Vacuum Review

Pyle PureClean Robot Pet Vacuum Review

You might have asked yourself the question what is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair? Well, there is no doubt several models exist today, but you have to be sure about the one you choose. The best vacuum for pet hair produced by Pyle, PureClean Robot Pet Vacuum could be a nice choice. It is one of the best when it comes to its features and performance ratings. It’s definitely one of the best stick vacuums for pet hair.

The one thing you will like should be that you can easily schedule a cleaning activity. That is great if you want to keep your home clean always. If you have to go to work, you can have the cleaner remove the pet hair on different surfaces. This means that you get back to a clean home always.

When it comes to cleaning, the model can handle several types of floors and surfaces. You will find it mostly being used for cleaning tiles, carpet, hard floors. If your cat left some hair on the carpet, all of that will be cleaned.

The dual rotating brushes are what gives the model better cleaning capabilities. You can use it to reach corners and crevices and push the dirt towards the vacuum. As much as the round shape makes it hard for it to clean in some areas, the protruding brushes help with the cleaning.

Once the model finishes with the cleaning, it is able to return to its dock. It can also return to the charging dock if it has a low battery. Its inbuilt battery can last up to 90 minutes of cleaning. This is better than what you get with other models. That automatic return to its charging dock makes sure that you get it always fully charged and ready for some cleaning.

Its low mini profile makes the model great to fit under several places for cleaning to be perfect. It is the reason you find it among the best-rated pet vacuums.

pros +
It comes with scheduled activation
Long battery life
It has a low mini profile
It is allergy and pet friendly
Automatic recharge dock after cleaning
cons -
Some users feel that the brushes are too weak
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6 place :

Shark SV780 Cordless Pet Vacuum Review

Shark SV780 Cordless Pet Vacuum Review

In general, you will find the best vacuum for pet hair Shark has to offer, the SV780 pet fur vacuum being good for house cleaning. It does not matter the surface, its performance is still impressive. You will love the motorized brush combined with the powerful suction of the vacuum. Together, these two make sure that the vacuum can pick up any dust or pet hair in the room. Its versatility makes it possible to use it even on carpet surfaces.

Since it is a cordless vacuum, it gives you more convenience when you need to clean various surfaces. If it had a cable, then it would be limited to a certain distance. You will find more people using it to clean various surfaces around their homes with ease. It is one of the best budget vacuums for pet hair.

The 18v battery is the one used to run this model. The manufacturer claims that such a battery helps it to get more suction power than what you get with other models with low battery power. There is no doubt you will pick this as the best cheap pet vacuum with more power.

Its size also makes it possible to use it for crevice cleaning. It is also a small vacuum for pet hair that makes it lightweight. You could use it for various surfaces with ease now.

pros +
Good power output
Easy to use in general
It comes with a crevice and brush tool
Good performance for the suction
cons -
Takes a long time to fully charge the battery
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7 place :

Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Review

Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Review

If you are looking for the best compact vacuum for pet hair, then you should opt for this one. It is one of the best when it comes to performance and will give you value for your money. The model comes with a design that allows for fast vacuuming and better performance. The design also allows for more storage of the dirt before you have to empty it again. You can always change the cleaning tools as you please as the model has several options.

This lightweight pet vacuum has several tools in its arsenal. The tools include the crevice tool, upholstery tool, and pet hair tool. The crevice tool is good for cleaning the smaller holes and spaces where the wider nozzle cannot reach. If you have a problem with pet hair, then you can use the pet hair tool to easily lift the hair off the surfaces.

The dimensions of the model make it quite portable. You should not have a problem with its portability. It is the reason we feature it as the best portable pet hair vacuum. To enhance portability, the model is lightweight. It weighs only 3 pounds in weight. Comparing it to other models, you will find it is easy to use more often.

The design and cleaning tools allow the model to be used for several cleaning capabilities. You could use it to clean surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, and more. This just goes to show how great it will be to own such an affordable vacuum for pet hair.

As for usability, you do not have to spend time setting it up. Once you receive it, you simply get started. The only set up would be changing the nozzle tools, which is not hard to accomplish.

pros +
Being cordless makes it good for convenience
Powerful suction for the vacuum
Comes with multiple cleaning tools
Can clean various surface types
cons -
Low battery life
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8 place :

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Pet Vacuum Review

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Pet Vacuum Review

The best vacuum for pet hair from Neato Robotics, Neato Botvac D80 model is all about having new technology important for cleaning. The model comes with patented technology that ensures cleaning is better and faster. It has laser mapping and navigation systems. It will first scan and map the room before it can clean the house. This is good as you will not see it bumping into items all the time as compared to similar robot pet cleaners.

You might have seen other robot vacuum cleaners having the circular shape. This one comes with a D shape. The shape is important so that it can get as close to the wall as possible. The circular shape would have limited it to only a few inches to the wall. It just shows how this powerful vacuum for pet hair comes in handy for cleaning.

The model also combines the strong suction power with the precision brushes. What you can expect is a model that leaves your surfaces clean. You can always swap the brushes depending on the type of surface you have to clean. In general, you will end up with a model that offers more precise cleaning than other models in the same price range.

It is quite an intelligent best heavy duty vacuum for pet hair. It is programmed in a way that allows it to go back to the charging dock when the battery is low or when it is done cleaning. If the battery is low, it will then pick up from where it left cleaning once the battery is fully charged. You can now easily program it to clean the house even when you are not around.

The manufacturer has a hotline number you can always call if there is a problem with the model. This makes it easy for you to configure the model the way you want it. The product manual also helps you to get started with it. It is one of the best portable vacuums for pet hair.

pros +
It can clean better close to the wall
It has mapping technology to avoid bumping
The model auto-charges when low on power
It has a strong suctio
cons -
It is pricey
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9 place :

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Review

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Review

There are many performance tests that have gone into making this model. The best vacuum for pet hair provided by Hoover, the WindTunnel 2 model comes with impressive technology that should make cleaning easier and better. It has three channels of suction. This is better than what you find on most models. These channels will help with lifting and removing the debris and pet hair from the surfaces. It is the reason this is the best hoover for pets.

The filter of a pet hair hoover or any other vacuum will be an issue of concern. Many want to know if it meets the HEPA standards. Well, you are in luck with this model. It will be able to withstand a long time use without any problems. The HEPA media used in the filter will trap the dust, debris, and pollen better than when using other types of filters. The best part is that it is still reusable. You can rinse it and start using it again.

You can always find more use for the model when it comes to its performance. Its construction allows it to be used for various functions. You could use the model to clean carpet, hardwood floor, and a lot more. The best part is that you can also remove pet hair from your upholstery when using this model. If your cat or dog likes to leave hair behind, you now have the right tool to help you out. The design makes the model stand out. It just looks like it is ready to get down to business. You will always find uses for it if you get it today. With all that technology, it is fairly affordable. Many people who need a top quality model will find a use for it.

pros +
It is a powerful model
It works for various surfaces
It has a reusable filter
Easy to use even for a newbie
cons -
Short power cord
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10 place :

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 High Performance Review

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 High Performance Review

This is another Hoover Vacuum Cleaner on our list. This just goes to show how the brand is good at making some of the best pet vacuums on the market. It also comes with the WindTunnel 3 technology. This type of technology creates 3 suction channels for better performance. You will end up with a model that can remove dirt from different surfaces with ease. The same goes for the dirt deep in the seats or any other surfaces.

To make the performance even better, the manufacturer has used multi-cyclonic technology. This technology involves having air pass through 13 powerful cyclones so as to filter the dirt and debris faster. You can be sure there will be no loss of suction each time you get to use the model.

If you have those stubborn pets that always end up leaving dirt on the seats, you can now clean them easily with this vacuum. You will have to use the pet turbo tool. It will remove all the stubborn pet hair from the stairs and upholstery. The crevice tool is another thing you will like about the model. It allows you to get into those cracks and clean them out.

The HEPA filter should make many users comfortable with the model. This filter promises to help trap 99.95% of the dirt, debris, and pollen. You can be sure that all your dirt will be taken care off. It also has the absorbing carbon layer, removing any smell in the room especially from carpets.

It is a recommended vacuum for pet hair thanks to its performance. You will also like it due to the extended reach it offers. This means that you can clean various surfaces with ease always. It also has the headlight option. The aim is to help you with cleaning and seeing properly even in the dim areas. The 40-foot power cable cord is something you will love. It will provide you with continuous vacuuming without unplugging.

pros +
Impressive pet turbo tool
It has an easy to rinse filter
It does not lose suction power
It uses WindTunnel technology
Long power cord
cons -
It is bulky
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How to Buy the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair - Buying Guide

Consider the Areas That You Will Be Cleaning

The best part about using vacuums is that you can clean other dirt, even if it is not pet hair. For most, the pet hair cleaning function will be an additional feature.

People buy vacuums for various reasons. Some use them for cleaning sofas, car seats, carpets, and a lot more places. Some areas might need lightweight and compact models, while others will need large vacuums. Some of the places might even need to use a little bit of both.

If you are going to clean the whole house, then you need to consider choosing a really powerful vacuum cleaner. They need to have a greater suction power so that cleaning is easy and fast. For only cleaning the car seats, having a smaller model is not an issue. Remember that you may have to store it in the car later on. Finding the best auto vacuum for pet hair is a matter of preference mostly.

Ask anyone who has tried to choose the best vacuum for pet hair, it is not always easy. You might find most people just choosing a general vacuum and using it for pet hair removal. It would help sometimes to have a handheld vacuum to help with removing localized hair deposits left by the pets.

How Big Is the Space You’ll Be Vacuuming?

To find the best vacuum for pet hair, it is crucial to consider several factors and the space for vacuuming is one of them. You do not want to just pick any model and think it will work for the whole area. The model needs to have the capacity for clearing an area faster. You can be sure that not all models will be perfect for cleaning the living space.

Those who have a big house will always need to have a big volume vacuum. The aim is to have a model that can cover the ground faster and still gather the dirt in large capacities. It is not just about covering a large space, but you also want to reduce the cleaning time. If the model is too small for the job, it will take you longer to clean a big section.

Having a larger model also works well so that you do not have to keep emptying the bag or the dirt cup. You can be sure that such a model would take up a lot of space when it comes to storage. Those who have a smaller space such as apartments can consider using the smaller models. The apartments generally are suited to the smaller models.

Your Home’s Flooring and Layout

One thing is for sure, the houses out there will have different layouts. You always have to consider the flooring and layout before making the purchase. Starting with the floor type, you have to keep in mind what are some of the conditions for cleaning the floor. It could be a hard floor or the one covered by carpets and rugs.

Once you understand the cleaning technique, you will be able to select the best vacuum for pet hair and handle it properly. Not all vacuums would be perfect for hard floors and then be used to clean the seats. Having one that can clean several types of floors could be the best. You will not have to spend money on another model if you want to clean another place.

Now onto the layout. You need a model that will make cleaning easier and faster. Depending on the layout, you can always find a model that will work for you. Some models will be hard to maneuver into different locations. The best is when you can find a highly maneuverable model.

The layout will also affect the type of robotic vacuum you can choose. Most of the robot vacuums will be cleaning automatically without your input. It is possible that sometimes you will see it bumping into things. This might be because the layout does not allow for smooth cleaning. It could also be the fault of the mapping program of the model. So, you have to consider how the layout will affect the cleaning progress.

Places You Can Use Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair


Carpets would benefit from choosing a model with more power and that can offer deeper cleaning. These are vacuums with the capability of lifting the embedded dirt that might have been in the carpet for a while. To make this happen, such models have powerful motors.

You will be going for the full-size models mostly if you want the carpet to be clean. Such models always have room for attachments. The work of attachments is to help you with choosing the right tool for the job. You can switch to a carpet tool anytime so that digging out the dirt from the carpet is easy.

A large tank is another thing you may want to consider. You do not want to keep emptying the vacuum after every few inches of cleaning. The larger capacity models will always work in such scenarios to help you clean the carpets faster than ever.

Look at the power cord hose if you are going to choose a model that only works with the power cord. It should be long enough.

Hard Floors

Of course, the type of flooring will always play an important role when it comes to choosing the best vacuum for pet hair. Floors such as wooden, tiled or hardwood, they all need to have a gentle touch if they are to last longer. The vacuum cleaners used to clean such surfaces have to do it right so as not to leave scratches.

Most of the vacuums for such a job will have soft brush heads that can glide over the surface smoothly. These brushes will pick up the debris and dirt as they move along. It is the reason you can find models with the option of switching from carpet mode to hard floor mode.

Curtains and Upholstery

If you live with pets, then you are bound to clean upholstery at some point. You need to pick the best models when it comes to cleaning upholstery and curtains based on their performance. For many models, they will have specialized heads for cleaning these two areas.

Check the product description first before you buy. Make sure to check if the model will work great for cleaning upholstery.


Car interiors are also bound to get dirty at some point. This could be because of the pets or other things. For the car, you need to find a handheld vacuum cleaner. It will remove all the dirt with ease as compared to a full-size model.

It would also be better if you get a battery powered model. If not, it should have an adapter to use the car battery power. A crevice tool could come in handy when using such a model. Such a tool allows for cleaning deep in the car crevices with ease to remove all the dirt and hair.

Types of Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Corded Vs Cordless Pet Vacuum

If you check out the market right now, you will have to choose between corded and cordless pet vacuums. Each one of them has amazing features to offer, but at the end of the day, you have to make up your mind.

Corded vacuums are popular and have been around for years. Most people love them for having superior suction power. This is mostly due to the powerful motors they have. These motors need more power to run and that is not a problem with constant connection to a power outlet. This is unlike the cordless models that have to rely on battery power.

The functionality of any corded vacuum will always make a person feel like it is a better value. Most of the corded models will have more functions packed into one device. You can easily switch from one to another since the power supply is not an issue. Things can be different with the cordless model. As much as the manufacturer would love to give it more functions, they are curtailed by the amount of power available.

The dust capacity is another important feature that can drive someone to pick a corded model. They often have a better capacity as compared to the cordless models. Since you will not have to keep emptying it, you can have a good time using it.

One of the major restrictions of using the corded models is the power cord itself. If you get a model with a short power cord, then you will always be limited.

The cordless vacuums also come with several perks you can enjoy. The common one is that they are lightweight and portable. The main aim of making them cordless is to ensure portability. You can always reach various corners of the house or the car without worrying about the cable. They are also lightweight so using them anywhere will not be an issue.

You will not have to worry about tripping over the cable. The same goes for tangling too. No more worries that you will have to deal with tangled cables each time you have to use the vacuum.

Upright Vs Canister

When it comes to choosing between upright and canister models, it might be challenging for some people. They all seem to have the same performance but with a bit of structural difference. The upright model would always be great for working on large areas. You can often find them being used in hallways or on large open area carpets.

Since the upright vacuum will always keep the whole vacuum in front of you, chances of tripping over it are slim. This is not the same with the canister model as you have to move away from the canister at some point.

Many comparisons show that the upright vacuum cleaner has more capacity to hold larger bags. This is important for anyone who has to vacuum a large area. You do not want to keep changing the bag or emptying the canister all the time.

This does not mean that the upright models do not have shortcomings. You will mostly find them having a short hose. This is not good when it comes to covering a large area away from an electrical outlet. You might have to use a power outlet extension to operate the model.

Onto the canister models. They are famously good for having the best suction power important for cleaning the carpets. Its flexible hose is another thing that makes it popular. You can clean several areas without moving the canister thanks to the flexible hose. Many people find it to be a good model for easy pushing. This is largely due to the fact that the canister models are lightweight.

If you have to vacuum the stairs, then the canister model would be great for removing pet hair. You might even get the model with a specialty tool to help with the process.

The common con to having a canister model is the way you have to keep dragging the canister all the time. This makes some people feel it takes a toll on you at some point. Such models also often come with small wheels. This makes it hard to push them around on certain floors.

Bag Vs Bagless Pet Hoover

The question of having a bag or no bag is quite common. Many would not know what is good for them until they do a bit of research on these two. Starting with a bag pet hoover, it is expected to have more hygiene as compared to the other. This means that all the dirt, grime, and pet hair is stored in an airtight container in your best vacuum for pet hair. It will not be able to come out. This makes such a model great for those who have cases of asthma.

Another reason people go for the bag pet hoover is because disposing is easy. Once the bag is full, all you need to do is remove the bag from the vacuum and throw it away. You will not have to worry that the dust from the canister will be blown into your face.

As much as the bag vacuum would be great for some scenarios, it is always expensive to maintain. Buying the bags each time you have to use the vacuum racks up the cost with time. Also, when the bag is almost full, you will end up with decreased suction. This makes the model less effective at its job.

Well, the cons of the bag pet hoover are likely to be the pros of a bagless pet hoover. For the bagless models, you will not have to worry about the bags. No need to spend your money on buying new bags each time you have to use the vacuum.

Instead of a bag, you will get a clear canister. The transparent canister makes it easy for you to see the level of dirt in the vacuum. You will know when you have to empty the canister and proceed with vacuuming. Finding the best canister vacuum for pet hair is a tough job.

In general, you will find maintaining the bagless models easier. You will always get to empty it in time to avoid cases of poor performance in suction.

The con of using bagless models would be that it can be messy when it comes to emptying. If not done well, the dust from the canister can blow into your face.

Handheld Pet Vacuum

People who go for the handheld pet vacuums are looking for a portable model. Well, that is what you get as such models are small and lightweight. They are smaller than half the size of their larger counterparts. Do not mistake their size with performance. They are equally good when it comes to performance.

Their functionalities make them good for quick cleanups. If you have to deal with dirt in a small area, then no need to pull out the big guns. Using the handheld models could make it faster and easier.

With the compact size, storage is not going to be a problem. You can always store them in tight places only to retrieve when it is needed.

As much as they have many benefits, a few cons make people think twice about picking them. The handheld pet vacuums have a limited capacity.

It is not just the capacity, as the model could also be limited in power. With low power, you could not possibly use it for cleaning large areas or embedded dirt. It should still be good for removing pet hair as that is not tough dirt.

Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

This is the most progressive type of the best vacuum for pet hair. With the advancement in technology, there is no doubt this was bound to happen. Having a robot vacuum for pet hair is now another dream that came true. Such vacuum types have been around for years now. It all comes down to if people can use them. Well, many are already using them as they are less noisy. You cannot even start to compare such models with the traditional vacuums. Less noise is what people desire today.

The robot vacuums could be great for cleaning pet hair thanks to the automation. You can have it clean the area that the pet frequents regularly. Even when you are at work, it can automatically get out of its charging station and start cleaning. This should save you time that you would have spent on cleaning the pet hair when you get back. The hands-free option makes more people feel comfortable to use such a model. You do not have to be around it for it to work. There is no doubt many people feel comfortable using it.

That being said, the initial cost is often enough to scare people away. They can often be expensive and out of reach for most users. The worst is that they will work great only on level surfaces. You can easily rule out using the model for cleaning the stairs.

Types of Pet You Have

As part of buying the next best pet hair vacuum, there is a need to consider the type of pet you have in the house. Several studies show that some cats and dogs shed more than others do. Some might leave long hair while others small. If it is small hair, then you need a vacuum that can easily pick up such hair.

Remember that all these pets can shed at different times. It will be important that you understand the shedding of your pet so as to use the vacuum to clean as fast as possible. So, what are some of the breeds that shed a lot? For dogs, here are the breeds that shed a lot:

  • Pug
  • Chow Chow
  • Saint Bernard
  • Beagle
  • Border Collie
  • German Shepherd and more

As for the cats, here are some breeds that shed a lot:

  • American Bobtail
  • Russian Blue
  • Norwegian Forest
  • Persian
  • Siberian
  • Himalayan
  • Ragamuffin

One thing is also for sure, the pets do not like the vacuuming sound. You might have to calm them down if they get frantic because of the vacuum noise.


If you had questions about the best pet vacuum, you should have your answers by now. The comprehensive buying guide takes you further on a journey for you to understand how to buy the best model. Keeping in mind all the considerations, you will always end up with a model that suits your cleaning needs.

Cleaning pet hair might not be the easiest job to do, but now you have a chance to change that. It all comes down to what type of pet vacuum you choose. The best vacuum for pet hair will always make your job easier. This is because it comes with all the right mechanisms important for cleaning the pet hair. It is not just about cleaning pet hair but also handling any other cleaning needs you might have in mind.

Many who have used the pet hair vacuums before agree it is a hassle-free process. You will not have to worry about using other ineffective methods. The best part is when you use the robot vacuums. They can easily clean the area even without you getting involved directly.

All the top rated vacuums for pet hair mentioned above will always find a buyer. It all depends on your buying considerations. Think about the amount of space you have to clean and the type of surface. These two help you to understand which models would work the best. Of course, you might also have to think about the price. Make sure to give yourself a flexible budget so that you can always get the best thing for your money.

It might be possible that you’re not still sure which one to choose. From the various features of the different models, the iRobot Roomba 650 Pet Hair stands out as the best. This model is impressive when it comes to cleaning. You should be in a position to use it for various cleaning needs. The best part is the use of the pet turbo tool. This is a tool meant for cleaning the mess left behind by the pets. We hope you found the best pet vacuum on the market for you! Did we miss something? Please, let us now in comments.

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Maybe right now you do not understand what the craze is all about when it comes to owning a vacuum for pet hair. This will all come clear when you have a pet that sheds hair like crazy. As mentioned above, there are some breeds that are known for having excess shedding of hair. If you own one of them, then there is a need to get a vacuum for pet hair.

The best pet vacuum cleaner makes it easy to remove the pet hair from the seats. It could be the car seats or even the seats in the house. With the best model, cleaning can be faster and more effective.

It is not just about cleaning the pet hair, but also you can also use the vacuum to remove dirt and bacteria left behind by the dog or cat. This makes your home clean and eliminates the issue of dirt build up.

You might also note that the vacuums for pet hair are easy to use. You will not have any problems using them. Other than removing pet hair, you could still use the same for cleaning other areas not necessarily visited by pets.

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