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3 Best Rear Engine Riding Mowers for Your Lawn in 2019

Last Updated: 16 July 2019

What is a Rear Engine Riding Mower?

For most people, a rear engine lawn mower seems to be as cumbersome and very noisy equipments, which is used to process large areas of agricultural land. However, there are also modern machines of this class, designed for work on territories of various sizes. When buying, it should be borne in mind that a garden tractor should have technical and operational characteristics that will make it possible to use it as efficiently as possible in the conditions of a particular infield.

Any rear engine riding mower for sale is a technique that will replace the whole set of tools for processing the land. Using such a machine, it is possible to fertilize the soil, carry out aeration work, and perform other actions. A large selection of attachments will allow using a rear engine lawn tractor to mow the grass, to spend the hilling of plants, to organize the care of berries. This technique will be an excellent assistant in the harvest period, as it allows mechanizing the harvesting process of potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the use of such garden tractors, it is possible to significantly reduce the collection time, as well as reduce costs in comparison with manual harvesting methods. Before the winter cold with these machines, it will be much easier to remove the remains of the tops, grass, garbage, and chop the branches after pruning trees. Based on rear engine mower reviews, in winter such devices can be used to clear a garden territory of snow.

Top 3 Best Rear Engine Riding Mower Compared And Reviewed

So, let’s choose a best rated rear engine riding lawn mower! For sure, everyone knows how much trouble it takes to maintain and care for the territory around the house. Modern companies released a special technique so that owners do not have to spend most of their energy and precious time only on cleaning and other hard work. Choose the best rear engine riding mower based on informative reviews below.

best value
Troy-Bilt Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower 382cc
6-speed transmission
Rating: 9.0 / 10
Price: See Here
best price
Poulan Pro Gas Rear Engine Riding Mower
4-speed transmission
Rating: 8.6 / 10
Price: See Here
Troy-Bilt TB30 Hydro Rear Engine Riding Mower
hydrostatic transmission
Rating: 7.2 / 10
Price: See Here

1 place :
Best Overall: Troy-bilt Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower 382cc

Best Overall: Troy-bilt Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower 382cc

This is the best rear engine lawn mower developed by Troy-Bilt. It is a gas-powered mini-tractor with the 6-speed mechanical transmission, which has a decent engine, a 30-inch cutting deck and a mulching kit in addition. Would be a great choice for people who live outside the city and have medium lawns around the house. Thanks to an excellent 10.5-horsepower, 344cc Briggs & Stratton, this best rear engine riding mower is very powerful with a speed of 4.25 mph. 30-inch cutting blade provides excellent cutting width and maneuverability. It is allowed to set up the height of the blades in one of 5 available positions. It is definitely a time-saver especially if to compare it with other manual grass cutters.

pros +
Good serviceable engine.
Perfect cutting width
5 positions of the blades height
6-speed transmission
Comfortable seat
2-Year warranty
cons -
The wide turning radius of 8”
Small fuel tank

2 place :
Best Maneuverability: Poulan Pro Gas Rear Engine Riding Mower

Best Maneuverability: Poulan Pro Gas Rear Engine Riding Mower

Troy-Bilt TB30 is another best rear engine riding mower which is very easy to drive. It has hydrostatic transmission, 18-inch turning radius and 30-inch cutting that is enough for small and medium areas. Additionally, Troy-Bilt TB30 features the most comfortable high-back seat, LED headlight and even a telescoping steering wheel. Hydrostatic transmission provides less maintenance, is smooth to accelerate and doesn’t require changing the direction and speed of the mower manually. This small snapper rear engine rider has enough power to cope even with the most difficult tasks on your territory.

pros +
Perfect maneuverability in tight spaces.
Hydrostatic transmission.
Evenly cuts the grass
Nice compact design
Comfortable seat
Is very easy to drive
cons -
Wide steering

3 place :
Best Hydrostatic Transmission: Troy-bilt Tb30 Hydro Rear Engine Riding Mower

Best Hydrostatic Transmission: Troy-bilt Tb30 Hydro Rear Engine Riding Mower

Troy Bilt riding mower 540CC is a new release of 2019! This device is quickly obtaining popularity due to its affordable price (below $2000) and a set of features. The cutting length of the deck is 46 inches and thanks to automatic transmission this best riding lawn mower is easy to drive. Its top speed is 5.2 MPH with a tank capacity of 2.5 gallons. In addition, this riding lawn mower is equipped with an amazing mow-in-reverse feature that is very useful and doesn’t require constant turn-outs. That’s why it is in the first place among top 7 riding lawn mowers.

pros +
Automatic transmission
Presence of mow-in-reverse capability
Excellent length of the deck
19-HP engine
2-Year Warranty
Is the best value riding lawn mower
cons -
Very high position of the seat

Rear Engine Riding Mowers: FAQs

Which Transmission Is Better for Rear Engine Riding Mower?

For work on a flat surface, the best rear engine riding mower with an automatic gearbox is suitable. For the handling of hilly areas, it would be better to trust those with a manual transmission. Such mini tractors will provide speed control and excellent maneuverability.

What Are the Alternatives of Rear Engine Riding Mower?

Mini tractors have two alternatives: lawnmowers and riders. A garden tractor against a lawnmower is like a car is against a bicycle. To make the bicycle ride, pedal. To mow the lawn mower, follow it, and push the mechanical models. The best rear engine riding mower is quite another thing. You sit in a comfortable seat, start the engine – and voila, the tractor goes. It remains only to make sure that there is fuel in the tank and oil in the crankcase, set all the necessary parameters for mowing the lawn, and steer, choosing the speed that is optimal for the height of the grass.

Is It Possible to Cut Figures with Rear Engine Mowers?

Yes, some people manage to mow out figures of varying complexity to create their own courtyard in the background of neighbors. It is even possible to cut the names of loved ones on the grass, to make them happy. Such tricks can be easily made with rear riding lawn mowers, which have a small turning radius.

Best Rear Engine Lawn Mower Buying Guide – What To Look At?


It is very easy to decide as for the power of the rear engine riding mower. For small territories, the area of which does not exceed 2 hectares, it is possible to purchase garden equipment with a capacity of 10 hp. For areas of 2-5 ha more powerful is required. Recommended power – 20 hp.


Based on rear engine riding mower reviews, such technique can have a mechanical or hydrostatic transmission. If you compare with the car, you can draw an analogy with manual transmission and automatic transmission. The most convenient is a hydrostatic transmission technique.


The following characteristic, which is worth paying attention to while choosing among rear engine riding lawn mowers for sale, is the type of engine. It can be gasoline and diesel. If you do not plan to cultivate the territory very often, then it would be better to get a small rear engine riding lawn mower working on gasoline. This option will be the most economical.

Cutting Width

This parameter depends on the size of the working area, its layout, and geometry. For small areas with flower beds and ridges, it is not necessary to buy a rear motor riding mower with a large cutting width.

However, when processing large open areas, the increased cutting width of rear motor riding lawn mower will save a lot of time.

Seat Adjustment

If your height is much higher or lower than the average and you plan to work on the rear engine mower for a long time, then this possibility will be necessary – it will significantly increase the level of comfort.

Optional Equipment

Since rear engine mowers might have a lot of attachments, it would be great to determine in advance what devices will be needed to perform certain types of work. The most popular and often purchased are cultivators, aerators-seeders, brushes, sprayers, dumps and others. If you need some of these devices, discover whether the best rear engine riding mower you chose will accept them.

What Is The Rear Engine Riding Mower? Final Advice

As you see, the best rear engine riding mower differs from a usual tractor and simple grass cutters in technical characteristics. Our main goal at homemakerguide was to choose the best among the three reviewed. So, Troy-Bilt Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower 382cc is the winner among top rated rear engine riding mowers. It easily digs up the ground, harvests hay, and irrigates crops. And thanks to its maneuverability, it is possible to overcome obstacles very easy. Rear engine riding mower comparison showed that this garden tractor is versatile because the performance of specific tasks depends on additional attachments, which can be bought separately. For example, to cultivate the soil, you will need a sprayer. In addition, Troy-Bilt Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower 382cc has wide tires for mowing a lawn and can be used for mulching. It is lightweight, has a comfortable seat and is easy to ride. That’s why this product deserves to be the best rear engine riding mower 2019. If you used to be the owner of the best products, you need to buy this. As you see, this nice garden tractor opens wide possibilities for the country house owners.

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