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What Is The Best Way To Pick Up Leaves?

What Is The Best Way To Pick Up Leaves?
Last Updated: 09 July 2020

Leaves are perhaps the most significant indicators of what autumn and fall can bring forward. For most people, fall is the season to stay in a happy mood, as the stickiness of the summer season vanishes, and holiday seasons are just around the corner.

At the same time, this time of the year also brings a major drawback for people with a lush garden or backyard outside their residential properties. This is that time when they need to dedicate a lot of hours in picking up vast amounts of leaves that have fallen on the ground. You need to know when to rake leaves.

There are two options available to you when the leaves begin to fall – to let them reside on the ground or pick them up and clean the ground area. While the second option is more likely to be your choice, primarily if you are relying on the wind to do this job for you; however, we know that it is more likely it will not happen.

Thankfully, there are more than a single way to rake leaves. Perhaps the best method to do so will depend on your concerns and preferences. Here, we will go through some simple methods of clearing your yard during the fall season.

How To Rake Leaves

How To Rake Leaves

The process becomes much easier if you mow the lawn/backyard first. If you mow first, the lawn becomes smooth; however, late-season mowing should be high so that the grass stays tight and leafy as a defense against weeds. Also, crunched leaf scoops are less likely to fly away than the while ones, thereby making the job much easier.

Even if you do not have a mower, you can simply stomp around the area with large amounts of fallen leaves to minimize their volume and allow for easier raking and leaf clean up.

Once done, you can make use of a lightweight metal rake and pull the crunched leaves towards you, in small portions. This way, you will be able to reduce dust and reduce fatigue. You need to rake into a windrow, or a line-shaped pile, and then onto an old sheet or tarp for transportation. Raking the leaves on the tarp will reduce the movement of the leaves and reduce exposure to allergens and dust in fallen leaves.

Do not toss the waste after raking. The number of chopped leaves and grass clippings can also be used for mulching, since the long strands of the grass ‘knit’ can be used to create mulch leaves to insulate the garden bed for winters. This method is the best way to rake leaves.

How To Mulch Leaves

How To Mulch Leaves

Mulching leaves with the mower is one of the several excellent methods to dispose of them. It will significantly reduce the volume of the pile. Additionally, it will also mix grass clippings with the leaf particles, thereby allowing the carbon-rich particles and nitrogen-rich grass particles to compost faster when mixed, rather than done separately.

You will find several best mulching mower models in the market that you can use for mowing leaves instead of raking; also, they can mulch, side-discharge, and bag. There are some different ways of doing it. For instance, there is the side discharge method that you can use if you wish to chop fallen leaves into fine particles and/or mulch them back to the yard. This is an excellent option if the leaf cover is wet and heavy, and the grass is moist and tall.

You can also mow in stripes so that you cut down the discharged stripe from the last pass. You also have the option of mowing inward or outward in circular shapes so that you are free to recut the particles once again.

You can also set the mode of your leaf mower & vacuum to mulch, which will work well with leaves that are semi-moist and not wet, and the grass is of normal height. All you need to do is insert the mulch plug into the mower and put the lid on the discharge port. While you are mowing, the grass clippings will be mulched back into the grass.

How To Pick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower

While lawnmowers were not initially made for picking leaves, these machines became much more versatile with improvement in technology and time. Yes, the best small riding lawn mower can pick up leaves. The best way to clean up leaves in a large yard is to pass over the fallen leaves with the mower with a bag attached. This is how to pick up leaves fast.

While you are mowing and cutting down the grass, your machine will also pick up the fallen leaves and keep storing them in the bag. This is considered the best method if there is a lot of ground to cover and limited time on your hands, or you need to know how to get rid of leaves without raking.

Leaf Blower Techniques

Leaf Blower Techniques

A leaf blower is a leaf cleanup equipment that will make quick work of your autumn chore than a traditional rake. However, you need to know some best ways to blow leaves that can help you get started.

The first is to choose the right leaf blower for your yard; consider the shape and size of your yard before selecting the leaf blower. For small yards, you can make use of something that consumes less power and can be carried with ease. For larger areas, look for something large and capable of working for longer durations.

It would help if you also planned where they need to land ultimately. You can position a tarp in the spot designated for the work so that you can haul the leaves there once you are done. If you plan on collecting the leaves into a designated spot, you can separate them into different sections, before blowing them to the final destination with the best leaf blower.

Always remember to work in one direction only. This will prevent you from blowing leaves into an area that you are already done with. Also, you need to point the front of the leaf blower that picks up leaves towards the ground and hold the device on the side; make use of a smooth motion while walking the leaf blower in front of you. Of course, you also need to know how to use a leaf blower.

Leaf Blowing Tips

It would help if you also considered the weather conditions before you start using the leaf blower. You need to ensure that the wind is very calm. On days the wind is active, there is no point in blowing the leaves since it will only spread out again, thereby becoming counter-productive.

Additionally, dry ones are much easier to remove than wet ones; if they are wet, it is best to do some other chore and come back the next day.

While autumns might be fun, the sight of the fallen leaves gets sore to the eyes really fast. Hence, you can make use of the methods mentioned above to clear the leaves off your yard. For more such guides, stick to homemakerguide, and don’t forget that a leaf blower is an incredible option!

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