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Tool Tips

How to Use A Laser Level
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Find out how to use a laser level for your projects
Dealing with a DIY project that requires precision in leveling various surfaces, and you're not sure what tool would be the best to help you get the job done? Whenever ...
29 December 2019
How Big of a Generator Do I Need
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The Ultimate Framework to Finding the Perfect Generator Size
Nothing sucks like being stuck in darkness during a blackout and you’re probably tired of that now! Let's take a wild guess, your backup generator isn’t what you thought it ...
28 December 2019
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Easy tips and tricks to teach you how to use a soldering iron
Soldering iron is a versatile equipment. Beyond using it for mounting components on a PCB or carrying out assemblies in electronics, there is so much more than you can do ...
19 November 2019
How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain
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Tips for Effortless Sharpening of Your Chainsaw Chain
Even the biggest and powerful chainsaws won't perform well with dull blades; it causes the chainsaw bar to launch upwards after getting caught in the wood, a phenomenon commonly known ...
19 November 2019
How To Cut Glass Tile
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How To Cut Glass Tile: Methods and Tools That’ll Help
Decorative glass tile is a perfect idea that can add splashes of color into any interior, making it stylish and memorable. These tiles look equally impressive in kitchens and bathrooms, ...
13 November 2019
How To Clean A Chainsaw
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How To Clean A Chainsaw and Why Regular Cleaning Is Important
Cutting jobs are not as clean as some people believe. On the other hand, how hard it can be to clean a chainsaw: rinse, wipe, let be. Right? Well, not ...
04 November 2019
How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar
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A Guide to Learn How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar
You need to check all parts on your chainsaw as time passes. If you use it frequently, there is a big chance that the chain and the bar will wear ...
29 October 2019
Electric vs Gas Chainsaw
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How to Choose Between Electric and Gas Chainsaws
Having a house in the open, demands tools to deal with diverse tasks given the seasons. If your property is surrounded by nature, you probably have to deal with trees ...
26 October 2019
How to Use a Hole Saw
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How to Use a Hole Saw: A Beginner’s Guide
One of the main staples found in a workman’s shed is the hole saw. You’ll find that it’s something that will come in handy as you venture out to more ...
03 October 2019
How To Sharpen A Hand Saw
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What does sharpen the saw mean
You may ask yourself, “what does sharpen the saw mean?” It’s a question that on the face of it seems complex, but it really isn’t too tricky. Here in this ...
27 September 2019
How To Use A Miter Saw
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Learn How To Use A Miter Saw in 2019
This tool is a top-rated tool among woodworkers. A lot of carpenters swear by their miter for their trim carpentry. It is quick, accurate and is a beautiful power tool ...
21 September 2019
How to Use a Caulk Gun
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How to Use a Caulk Gun? Caulking Tips for Beginners
The development of new technologies and the production of new materials have not spared such an industry as building. New types of building materials have significantly improved both the quality ...
12 September 2019
how to fix a smoking lawn mower
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Why Is My Lawnmower Smoking
Have you ever needed to do chores, mow the lawn when lo and behold, smoke started pouring out from your lawnmower? It may come across as something a bit scary, ...
18 August 2019
which way to put a chain on a chainsaw?
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How to Put a Chain on the Chainsaw
Chainsaws have been in use since 1920. Its multiple functioning makes it a must for households and industries. You can cut and trim trees, process firewood, carve sculptures and showpieces. ...
29 July 2019
secret to sharpening a chainsaw
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Learn how to sharpen your chainsaw
How To Sharpen Chainsaw Blade Owning a chainsaw makes it easy to handle timber cutting tasks like a pro. However, there is one thing that most people who own this ...
26 July 2019