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Last Updated: 13 April 2020

This is CoolerMaster’s Masterkeys Pro S, a mechanical gaming keyboard that brings some interesting changes including the long-awaited full RGB lighting. We have had it for a few days now, and we are the first to present it to you.

Let’s be realistic. CoolerMaster needs to improve its mice and headsets. But in keyboards, it has reached a high level and has managed to impress in a short time. The new Masterkeys Pro series wants to take another step forward.

Masterkeys Pro S comes in a nice package. In the package, we find the keyboard inside a cloth pouch, a basic manual, the detachable USB cable, and the key removal tool.


Let’s start with the keyboard. The S signifies that it’s a tenkeyless keyboard which means it doesn’t have the numpad on the right side. It offers a more compact experience which is useful to those with not a lot of space. Its design is clean and simple with almost no spaces, flat surfaces, and many corners.


The fact that the keyboard cable can be detached is especially handy. It helps a lot at the cleaning of the keyboard as well as the desk. In contrast with QuickFire, where the port is on the bottom and has channels left and right, Masterkeys Pro has the port on the back right side. And it has a 90 degree angled micro USB cable with braided thread for the connector.


CoolerMaster wanted to keep the simple and minimalistic design and considered the number pad as redundant. That’s why Masterkeys Pro doesn’t have any. On the other hand, with the function keys and the macro support on the fly, no one can be complaining. By using the function key, you can make your choice among the four available profiles. And you can activate shortcuts like the media keys on the right. Every command is fast thanks to ARM Cortex M3 processor at 72GHz.


CoolerMaster is loyal to Cherry switches. The one I have uses Red Switches. To be honest, the German’s switches are the most reliable with more than 5 million keystrokes lifespan. In this case, we have upgraded switches with incredibly fast feedback, great for gaming. Red means that the clicky sound isn’t too much, but that doesn’t mean it’s a quiet keyboard. I prefer the Brown type of Cherry MX because I want a more intense feel when I type. That’s just a matter of taste or a matter of your roommates.


CoolerMaster has finally embedded full RGB lighting. It didn’t stop there though, as it also managed to create the most illuminated keys in the market. At night, the lighting can be tiring, but fortunately, there is an option to dim it down. The user has an impressive huge array of options to change the color mode or the combinations either on the fly or through the new and updated software. With its software, you can find some great ideas, like the processor’s state graph or the temperature of various devices. Overall, you can do whatever you want with the lighting.


On other technologies, we have a full Anti-Ghosting support, even for a Mac, N Key, and 6-Key Rollover, which means that the keys will be recorded right even if you press them all together, while the response is at 1000Hz.

CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro S is made with quality plastic. The soft touch surface helps in hiding the fingerprints and the build is robust just like the previous CoolerMaster keyboards. And it is heavy, too. Underneath, there are rubber surfaces in its 4 corners. There is the option of raising it through its feet as well.

CoolerMaster’s Masterkeys Pro S is now available globally. This is probably the best thing CoolerMaster has ever produced on gaming keyboards. I should mention that there is the Masterkeys Pro L edition which is a little bigger and has some differences which we might see in another review. That’s all for now.

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