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Last Updated: 16 April 2020

What is SnapMap? How do I use it and what features does it have? I know the questions because I had them as well. SnapMap is all about using up your scraps or ensuring that your projects are going to fit on the piece of material that you have. Here’s an example that should help you better understand what I’m talking about. Let’s say I have a piece of holographic sparkle vinyl. I’m going to pop it onto my cricket map. Now, if you try this at home, for the sake of doing it correctly, ensure that you pop it in the middle of your map because you just want to make sure that it’s going to fit. I’m actually doing this as I write, so you can understand how it works.


I have my iPad, and I have loaded the text ‘Maddy.’ Then I’m gonna prep the SnapMap button down there, so it’s going to say “position close to frame” and has a couple of things I need you to know. First, you want the hanger tag up there to be facing away from you because on your screen you will see that there is a hanger tag on your iPad or your tablet (whatever you’re using). You’re gonna lift this up and your iPad tablet, or whatever it is (it’s gonna have to have a camera in it), it’s going to recognize that there is a tag up there. Now, I’m not the tallest, so it takes me a little while to just kind of make sure that it’s in the right place and I just kind of go around to see how it just snapped into place. Well, it will show you when it’s in the right place. Next, I can take my design, tap on it, and I drag it onto my scrap. That’s all you have to do – you hit the continue button, and it’s gonna just do some thinking. It’s got to think about it, and now you just go as normal, so you’re ready to go.


Next, you just go to set the material – I’m going to go for that holographic Sparkle vinyl I mentioned at the beginning of my text. I pop it up here on my iPad, and I’m going to prove to you how easy this is. So, as always, it’s telling me what to do. We’re going to line everything up, hit insert on that and, of course, you know what comes next. Flashing buttons are ready to go. Now it’s going to cut the mat. My scrap, my project is gonna fit perfectly in the right place on my mount. It’s a rapid cut so it’s gonna cut out a Maddy and you can do this on any size scrap. It can be on any other map. So it can be on the fabric mat, it can be on the light tap mat, it can be on any of those, so it doesn’t have to be something particular. It can also be on a large mat, small mat. I believe you can also do it on that too, I haven’t tried it on the large ones. I’ve only ever tried on the 12 by 12, but this works pretty well, and I like the fact I can use up my scraps. Of course, I can position things as I need them to. So if I’ve got a quirky piece of fabric and I just want to use up that scrap, that’s what the snap mat is for. If you have a quirky piece of vinyl and you just want to use it up, go ahead! I might want to just cut out my Hedgehog here on my apron. While I was writing here, the action is complete. I’m gonna eject, and again as always, you peel your map away from your material. Now, I’m just going to grab something to weed with. Just use tweezers! I’m gonna just grab the edge of this material because I want to explain to you in detail that it really did get it exactly right and this is a super easy design to weed. It cut it absolutely perfectly on my scrap. Wasn’t that amazing? So next time you have a scrap and want to cut something absolutely perfectly use that SnapMat feature used on your tablet, your phone, or use the Cricut access app.

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