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Foosball Table Setup Guide

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Last Updated: 10 March 2020

Foosball is your best game option if you’re a football lover but fancy less physical exhaustion. Like any other game, you need to be attached to your foosball table men and we will tell you not only how to set up a foosball table but also proper maintenance tips to ensure it lasts long. This won’t be necessary if you visit your store to check up the different types of foosball tables. Yes, you can easily find one that is fully assembled – but where’s the fun in that?

Getting down to foosball table assembly enables one to develop an attachment to the game. You can make this even more fun by including your family members to help you. You’ll, after all, need help turning the table. Enough said, follow these steps to get your best foosball table up and running in less than an hour (don’t fret if you take a little bit more time).

Space Needed for Foosball Table

Your foosball table should come along with foosball table assembly instructions. More often than not, however, like with other user manuals, they tend to be complicated and lose people mid-way. We assume that’s why you’re here seeking further direction – we won’t sophisticate your best foosball table setup!

Assuming you know your foosball table dimensions, decide on the game room which should be where the table should stay after the final setup. On average, there is a standard foosball table size which is what most people opt for just like there is for the best table tennis table. The measurements for this standard size are 56” (L) by 28.75” (W) by 34.5” (H). Such a foosball table normally weighs 370 pounds (heavy, right!). Make sure you have extra floor space to lay out the different pieces separately for easier assembly. Avoid setting up the table on top of a ceramic floor for obvious reasons. You should expect larger tables than this if you opt for professional foosball tables.

Foosball Table Setup Instructions

Ensure everything is laid out on the floor: the tubes, wraps, balls, bumpers, rods, cup holders, pins, pouch, handles, legs, scoring units, and the men. This makes it easier to locate everything at the right time. You don’t want to start having a bad time with your best foosball table even before your first game – bad mojo!

Assembling the Legs

This marks the very first phase of how to set up a foosball table. With your foosball table turned upside down, firmly attach the four legs around the four corners of the table. Hand-screw these during these first stages allow room for other attachments – you can later on drill the screws firmly in place. Ensure the bolts are in perfect alignment as you follow the regulation foosball table guide. Fasten the end nuts for the four legs. This should be following the assumption that you were successfully able to attach the sides and the playing surface in a perfect position.

Foosball Table Player Setup

Now that your full-size foosball table is ready for the challenging setup phase, turn your best foosball table to its right position. You need help from a friend or family member to set it up on its legs. This is your only option when considering how to move a foosball table around. You should not mistake the ease of portability like that of the best air hockey table. That notwithstanding, disassembling the foosball table altogether becomes your only other option when moving it out of the room.

Almost there – hold on a little longer: your best foosball table is almost ready for play.

Before setting up the foosball table rods and men in place, do you know how many players on a foosball table are required for the game to start? Well, the best foosball table will have 26 players in a full set. Foosball is just like football – only 22 players in the field at a time. The remaining four can be considered as ‘substitutes’ in case any of the players ‘get injuries’. This conforms to the standard one-goalie European style of football.

Slip the rod via one end of the table then the bumpers for each number of players on that particular rod. There is the goalkeeper, then the first line of defense has two players followed by 5 in the mid-field and finally, the strikers are 3 players – 2-5-3 player lineup. Next, you need to prevent cases of warping by having bracer block firmly placed between the table and the rod. Once the rod is set in place, secure your men firmly in their respective positions using their harmonious screws and drivers.

Repeat this process for all the rods until all your men are where they are supposed to be. Finish upsetting your best foosball table by installing handle grips for each rod. Follow this up with setting the scoring unit then the cup holder in that respective order.

How to Put Together a Foosball Table

By now, your best foosball table should be up and running. With a drink by your best foosball table, take out the ball and check out if everything is working as is supposed to. There are amazingly strong deals you can get through foosball table clearance dealers which will ensure your pick is durable and saves you some pennies.

Maintaining a Foosball Table

There is still much work to be done even after you have completed setting up your best foosball table. Like with everything else, your latest price also needs pampering and proper maintenance. If you are planning to be a regular on your foosball, endeavor to clean at least once a week. Cleaning is a must and you should use light material such as cotton cloth. Wipe the dust first with a dry cotton cloth then use a cotton rug sparingly dipped in alcohol to clean off the table surface as well as the playing men.

For loose foosball table parts, get a trusted glue to do the work avoiding spillage as much as possible. When it comes to lubrication, homemakerguide recommends using silicon as your best option to ensure the rods are in proper working conditions.


Were you successful in setting up your best foosball table? It’s quite mature to seek out professional help if you are constantly not getting it right. However, we believe in your prowess and using this guide, you should have your foosball table up and running in no time.

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