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Last Updated: 13 April 2020


Anyone who has ever seen a PC or laptop has an idea of what a keyboard is and how to use it. But this information is for those who want to learn more about how do keyboards work. So, this component is an element of a personal computer or laptop, consisting of buttons, the main function of which is to enter data. It consists of alphabetic, numeric and additional function keys arranged in a specific order. In simple words, this is how you can enter data into a computer: type text, trigger shortcuts, and so on. This is how keyboard works. The role of this tool is extremely great, both for the average user, using it only for entertainment, and for those who use it all day. At the same time, it cannot be said that without a physical keyboard you cannot use a computer. You can, of course, but it will be quite tedious, hard and long-lasting. That’s why, it would be much better to spend some time and to choose a typing tool, which corresponds your requirements. The guide below will give you a hint on the most popular models.


In 2020 it is possible to distinguish different types of keyboards and the classification below is the most common:


Such tools are built on the basis of elastic membrane, which is pressed during a key press, thereby causing a contact closure on printed circuit board. Main advantage of this type is its price.


Scissor-switch models have a number of advantages over membrane ones. They include increased response, when a user types data on a keyboard. They are often found in laptops. The device is ideal for those who like to type quickly, because tactile sensations from the buttons are very positive.


It is the standard of quality. Each key is a switch with metal contacts and a spring, so that the service life of such a tool exceeds scissor 5 times. Of the other advantages, you can note the stability in pressing and a pleasant feeling after work.

Wired And Wireless

Wired models connect using a wire with USB or PS / 2 connector. Wireless devices do not have extra wires, so connecting keyboard to computer takes place via Bluetooth. The biggest difference and advantage is the lack of a wire, which allows you to use them at a great distance from the PC.


These good models got the name due to the fact that they have additional keys to control various functions of the PC: volume, player, network connection, some programs, and even turn on and off the computer itself.


These devices are new enough, but they are not much different from standard models. They usually come additional programmable and multimedia keys, LED light and even palm rest for a more convenient game.


This is a typing tool of a curved shape. It often also a hump in the central part, a non-standardly placed block of printing keys and even a special wrist rest. All this is done in order to make the work at the computer more comfortable.


They can be easily twisted into a roll and transported in such a form in a backpack. In addition, they have moisture and dust protection.


Christopher Sholes is a person who invented keyboard in 1868. It had a form of a typewriter with an alphabetic arrangement of keys. This was considered extremely inconvenient because many rarely-used characters were in the center. Modern layout of letters and symbols appeared much later. Still, this device turned into a real computer keyboard at the end of the 19th century with the invention of electric typewriter. Since that time, this device obtained various designs, different keys arrangements and gained interesting useful features. So, today’s work with a computer is impossible without it.

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