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Surprisingly Easy Ways to Keep Your AeroGarden Clean

Surprisingly Easy Ways to Keep Your AeroGarden Clean
Last Updated: 10 September 2020

An AeroGarden is a farm sans soil. Unlike conventional farms, not everyone has the space to grow plants. Using hydroponics, one can have a beautiful terrace or balcony garden. However, cleaning an AeroGarden always keeps the gardeners at the toe.

If you too feel confused, this guide will help you know how to clean AeroGarden in simple steps. Let us have a read.

All You Need to Know About an AeroGarden

All You Need to Know About an AeroGarden

An AeroGarden is a hydroponics-powered indoor garden. You can grow all sorts of plants without any soil or sunlight. The whole set-up is self-sufficient to provide plants with ideal growing conditions.

Also, it requires minimal maintenance. The system notifies you about adding water or nutrients. AeroGarden allows you easy access to fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs. It is the gen-next solution to sustainable farming.

Working of an AeroGarden

An AeroGarden is an electronic DIY hydroponics kit to grow plants. It contains 2 main parts: pods and LED grow lights.


  • Pods are pre-seeded containers of a varying quantity.
  • They contain a growth medium that allows optimum plant growth.

LED grow light:

  • Each AeroGarden comes with proprietary LED grow lights.
  • These contain the natural light spectrum necessary for plant growth.


  • You can buy a pre-seeded AeroGarden of your choice of plants and also quantity.
  • Plug it into the electric socket and switch it on.
  • Enter the information regarding the plant in its system.
  • The hydroponics medium and LED grow light allows excellent plant growth.
  • The automated plant maintenance system will notify you when to add a growth medium or nutrients or water.
  • Enjoy a fresh harvest from your indoor garden!

Keeping your AeroGarden clean

Like pests attack a farm, even AeroGarden is susceptible to the accumulation of microbes and dirt on its surface. To ensure that your plants are healthy, you need to keep the AeroGarden sanitized. Read here how to clean AeroGarden and keep it fresh all year round:

Cleaning supplies for AeroGarden

Hydroponics medium contains all types of plant nutrients like Mg, Fe, K, and Na in the right proportions. It also contains plant growth hormones like gibberellins and auxin. You cannot simply replace the medium with water.

It will not provide plants with the necessary nutrients. Cleaning an AeroGarden needs to be scientific and at the same time simple. You need the following things to keep it clean:

Keeping your AeroGarden clean
  • Large bowl: You need to disassemble the AeroGarden setup to clean it. A large pot will allow you to clean the plastic parts of the garden with bleach or vinegar.
  • Bleach or vinegar: The growth of slime and accumulation of microbes require bleach or vinegar bath.
  • Soft towels: These will allow you to clean non-submersible parts like LED lights and screens.
  • Paper towel: These are used in cleaning roots and other plant parts.

7 easy steps to clean AeroGarden


  • Unplug the AeroGarden.
  • Disassemble each part.
  • Keep the light hood and pod separate.
  • Remove the growth medium from the pod.

Vinegar bath:

  • Take a large bowl of water.
  • Add a cup of vinegar.
  • Stir it.
  • Add plastic components of AeroGarden in it.
  • Let it soak for 20-30 minutes.
  • With light strokes of a soft brush, clean any tough grease. Do not apply pressure.

Bleach the pod:

  • Take a cup of bleach and warm water in the pod.
  • Switch on the motor and let it run for 5 minutes.
  • Drain the bleach and carefully clean it under running water.
  • Now add distilled water and growth medium for plants.

Soft towel wipe:

  • Use a soft towel to wipe clean other parts of AeroGarden like LED lights.
  • Let it dry before assembling.

Clean the pump:

  • Many users wonder how to clean the AeroGarden pump. Here are the easy steps:
  • Remove the pump from the stand.
  • Use a soft brush and sponge to clean it thoroughly.
  • Remove any roots and algal growth.
  • Wipe the pump stand.

Finishing the vinegar bath:

  • Take out all components from the vinegar bath.
  • Clean them under running water thoroughly.
  • Wipe and let them dry.


  • Carefully reassemble all the parts.
  • Put growth medium, seeds, and water.
  • Switch on the AeroGarden.
  • A fresh garden is ready for a new harvest!

How Often Should I Clean My AeroGarden?

How Often Should I Clean My AeroGarden

Clean your AeroGarden before planting new seeds and after every harvest. Keep the exteriors clean by wiping with antimicrobial mild liquids.

The Final Say

Owning and maintaining an AeroGarden is easy. It is an innovative way to get fresh and organic vegetables and plant supplies. You can learn more about such amazing technologies on homemakerguide.com.

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