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Detailed Info On How To Kill Coronavirus At Home Or In Your Car

Detailed Info On How To Kill Coronavirus At Home Or In Your Car
Last Updated: 09 April 2020

In this day and time, people globally are watching to see what is going to happen with the world we know and how this virus is named COVID-19, a.k.a Coronavirus is going to be stopped. There are a lot of speculations, media is generating fear, and the panic it seems is spreading as quickly as this virus.

We feel necessary to say that precaution, as well as getting proper information, is much more beneficial than panic. Panic puts people in a state of chaos, and they are not capable of doing anything nor of thinking clearly. And this is important to prevent the virus from spreading further.

First, it is necessary to understand what coronaviruses. More specifically, what is Coronavirus in humans? This little microorganisms are perfectly normal residents of planet Earth and usually circulate among animals. Sometimes, they jump to humans, and this is something scientists call a spillover infection. When this happens, a disease in humans occurs. Usually, the virus attacks the respiratory system (throat, lungs, etc.). The disease can be mild, like with the flu, or severe as we saw in earlier years with H5N1 or avian or bird flu or SARS – Cov and now COVID-19.

So what are coronavirus symptoms? People confuse them, but it is essential to understand that these are not the same as ordinary virus symptoms. According to the Center for Disease Control coronavirus infection manifests itself with the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • About the question of how long Coronavirus is contagious, we can say the following. In the case of infection, a person should stay in isolation for 14 days. If, after that, she or he tests negative twice within 24 hours, then this person is no longer spreading the infection.

    If you develop any symptoms, call the number in charge to deal with the situation in your country. If you have a runny nose or some other signs, keep in mind it is not COVID-19.

    How long does coronavirus last on different surfaces

    In search of an answer to this question, you can find different numbers. In any case, the main thing that you should remember is the virus that can cause COVID-19 remains on the surfaces and this can be dangerous.

    We can talk about specific examples and figures. For example, on paper and coins, the virus lives for 3-4 hours. On the other hand, on wooden surfaces and your clothes, the virus is still dangerous for 2 days. Metal, plastic, glass and paper money can carry a threat from 2 to 4 days. Particular attention should be paid to hygiene products, namely masks because during quarantine this item is in our daily use if you go outside. The virus remains on the surgical mask for 7 days, so do not forget to change them in time and dispose of carefully.

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    How to Kill Coronavirus in House

    A lot of people are wondering how to treat Coronavirus!? It is something that scientists are still trying to determine. What we do know is that when the infection manifests in the mild form, it is sufficient paracetamol, plenty of fluids, and rest at home. Same thing as you would do with common cold or flu. In cases when the health situation worsens, and a person develops pneumonia, it is more complicated because it is viral. It practically means that antibiotics cannot do anything as they are designed to stop bacterial infections. Doctors are currently testing drugs like interferon ad drugs used to treat other illnesses like malaria. However, we still don’t know about coronavirus treatment.

    One of the most effective coronavirus precautions measures besides social distancing is disinfection. One thing is thorough washing of the hands with soap and lukewarm water and another to disinfect the surfaces in your home with adequate solutions and products like upholstery cleaners.

    What Cleaners Can You Use to Kill Coronavirus

    what cleaners can you use to kill coronavirus

    When we are talking about upholstery cleaners that you can use in the house, those are usually hydrogen peroxide and alcohol solutions. You can also use it from the shop, but only those that are EPA – approved products.

    A lot of questions are raised around the topic of how long does Coronavirus last on surfaces. So, as it is a new virus, it is still not clear. There are different assumptions and speculations, but they are just that as science even didn’t give a precise answer. It is, however, critical to know that it does stay on surfaces. Therefore the recommendation is to use upholstery cleaners and other products frequently.

    Can You Use Chlorine on Hardwood Floors

    There are two things, chlorine, and bleach. Chlorine is natural, while bleach is a solution combined with other chemicals.

    The recommendation from CDC is to disinfect floors with bleach. You can look for the best laminate floor cleaner to clean ordinary floors. However, bleach can damage the hardwood floors, so it is not the best option.

    In case you have wood floors in your home, clean them with disinfecting mop and solution of vinegar and water. Wood floors are the nicest and, at the same time, most sensitive. If you want to take proper care of your floor, you might be interested in the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner.

    Is Vacuuming Effective to Prevent Coronavirus

    Vacuum cleaners, unfortunately, cannot do anything against microorganisms in general. You can, of course, vacuum your house regularly. But if you are wondering how to avoid Coronavirus, scientists recommend avoiding social contacts and cleaning the house with the upholstery cleaner and other disinfectants.

    If you still decide to leave the house and go outside, then following the instructions of the CDC, remember that you can use ordinary toilet paper when you touch the door handles and other common surfaces. This can serve as an additional barrier to protect against the virus, in addition to using the sanitizer as a mandatory action.

    can ultraviolet lamps kill coronavirus in house

    Can Ultraviolet Lamps Kill Coronavirus in House

    According to some research, the ultraviolet light can effectively kill the virus. Nevertheless, do not use it to sanitize hands because it can cause skin radiation.

    How to Use Dehumidifier to Kill Coronavirus

    It is a new virus, and science doesn’t still have the answers to many of these questions. Therefore, it wouldn’t be responsible for talking about how a dehumidifier can kill Coronavirus. What we can say, though, is that there is a possibility that germs survive longer in dry air conditions. But at the same time, if the air is too humid, it can be fertile for viruses. Therefore if you use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity on adequate levels, it might help combat this virus as well.

    How to Kill Coronavirus in a Car

    Besides cleaning the house with upholstery cleaners and other products, various people are wondering how to sanitize the car.

    What Do You Need to Clean in a Car

    It is recommended that you clean the entire interior of your car. It means that you clean the seats with upholstery cleaners, but also steering wheel, door armrests, door handles, buttons, basically everything that anybody can touch.

    how to kill coronavirus in a car

    Are Household Cleaners Safe for Car Interior

    Even if the interior of a car is less durable than a lot of things in the house, many of the home products like upholstery cleaners are perfectly suitable for the vehicle as well. Many people use them generally to clean inside of the automobile, so there isn’t any reason why they wouldn’t be okay now.

    What Can You Use to Kill Coronavirus on Wooden Surfaces in Car

    The best you can do is to use alcohol solutions or only soap and lukewarm water. It is also recommended to use a microfiber cloth. Don’t use bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

    What Can You Use to Kill Coronavirus on Plastic Surfaces in Car

    Same as with wood, it is recommended to use alcohol-based products or solutions. You can also make a solution with vinegar or only soap and water.

    What to Use on Car Upholstery to Kill Coronavirus

    Same as for other parts of the car, the best is to use soap and water. You can use special upholstery cleaners as well.


    We hope that the crisis will be over and that all this will be behind us soon enough. Until it does, we need to do whatever is in our power to protect ourselves and those around us by taking adequate Coronavirus prevention measures. If you feel unwell and think you have symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact your local healthcare provider. Remember, there isn’t any need to panic! The virus is dangerous mainly for people who have other comorbidities. If your symptoms don’t resemble what we mentioned above, you probably have a common cold. Stay at home and be healthy with homemakerguide!

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