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Last Updated: 13 April 2020

Today we’re going to tell you about such a useful thing as the Bluetooth FM transmitter. It’s the Nulaxy KM-18 Bluetooth FM Transmitter. So what can you find inside the box when you’ll get an order to your house? Safety First! Inside the box, you get a love note, directions, and it looks like these are only in English. There is also an AUX cord and transmitter. That’s actually pretty small – that’s a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. To be honest, I was really hesitant to buy one of these things because of reliability and all that other stuff. At first, I tried to wire up an aux input in my Hummer H3 through the XM radio system. Well, when I tore apart the dashboard – there is no XM box – so I tried one of those simple things that didn’t work either. It just didn’t work. It did nothing. The last resort is right here.


This actually has an AUX input and a micro SD slot and the 2.1 amp charging port, and that’s nice because I won’t actually lose my input for my car charger. I can plug it right in so I just want to try this out. I’m not going to go through all these directions. Honestly, it’s too much, it really is. It is relatively simple, so I think you can figure it out on your own – I’m going to stick to basically whether I like it or not, my opinion of this particular model. I’m going to try it out and write everything here. I’m going to run it first off of a micro SD card that actually went in a lot of cameras and other phones. The devices that take these SD cards have really deep slots, and you have to use like a pen cap or something to actually put it in with just your tip of your finger.

For the sound, I’m using the Tascam DR-05 that’s clipped up to my visor, so this thing is way more sensitive than the mics on the GoPro Hero 5. Therefore, hopefully, this picks up all the little ambient noise or any hiss or anything like that. The Tascam picks up everything, it literally picks up everything, so if you’re hearing the static, you’re hearing any kind of odd noises that come out of this transmitter you’re going to know it. When you turn the volume down at lower volumes, you can hear a little bit of hiss, but once you start turning the volume up it’s just even the slightest bit is enough to drown that hiss out. Not bad at all! I’m going to plug in my phone and see how that works. So I’m using the cord that came with it. Now, keep in mind, you’re going to have to crank down the volume on your phone a little bit so you don’t overload this which might overload that.

That’s really nice! I like it! I’m hearing a little bit of like interference from something. It seemed to get a little bit quieter the lower on the band spectrum that you go. I guess it’s just a matter of where I’m at. Maybe I just need to move around a little bit as I’m just sitting in my driveway right now. For what this is, I am pleasantly surprised it’s very clear, and it was a total shot in the dark. It was cheap, so I tried it.


It was $20 bucks, and honestly, I couldn’t be more happy with this little guy. They do come in other models where this is a more of a straight piece, and it’s just there you really can’t adjust it, and so I got this gooseneck stretchy, bendy thing because I was worried about it getting in the way of my shifter. Let’s see if the charger works. Yeah, this HTC 10 is actually really finicky, so if it’s not charging good enough for the phone, it gives me a warning on the bottom of the screen that says it’s not working good enough. Yes, not getting that and it’s charging correctly. That’s pretty darn tight, that’s really tight in there, so I guess I’m not going to go anywhere for a better pick. The build quality on this guy is actually pretty good. This gooseneck part is actually like a metal electrical conduit that you find in a lot of appliances and stuff like that, so that’s pretty robust. The plug, obviously you saw in the car that this thing is really tight and it stays in there really well. The charger works excellent. The body of the unit itself is actually pretty robust.

The buttons feel good. Everything feels pretty well put together. But for 20 bucks? I mean you get an AUX port, you get a micro SD slot, and it does Bluetooth – this was totally worth a shot for the price and I am very pleasantly surprised! So my first impressions of the Nulaxy KM-18 transmitter? Excellent. Excellent value, and it works fantastic. I’m going to keep using this thing for a while – I just got it. If I manage to kill it, I’ll let you know!

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