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Last Updated: 16 April 2020

This isn’t gonna be a tips tutorial type review in the usual sense however it is definitely worth reading because I’m gonna be talking about the Sony TX 650 little miracle audio recorders. Now, these recorders have made waves in the wedding videography world recently. There’s a lot of people that use them already or are thinking about using them as a backup. Not sure if they’re good enough as a primary audio source so with this review I wanted to give them the spotlight.


I’m going to talk about how I use them professionally and why I think they’re the perfect audio equipment for weddings. I have recorded long hours of audio from the tx650, and it’s just amazing. So yeah, on the wedding day dead simple I use them for the ceremony, and I use them for the speeches. About five minutes before the ceremony I’ll just grab the groom, and they’ve got these handy little clips on the back. I will just clip it to the groom’s jacket pocket. Yep, that’ll clip straight into the pocket. Sometimes you need to clip it to a waistcoat or into the shirt itself. It depends on what they’re wearing.

The recorder’s going to pick up the bride really clearly as well as the groom, and while the celebrant or the vicar isn’t quite as much of a priority in terms of audio, he’s gonna pick up them pretty clearly as well. Once I’ve finished with the groom, I’ll just go and have a chat with whoever’s giving a reading – if there are any readings in the ceremony. I’ll just say something like: “when you come up to do your reading I’m gonna be at the front, then I’m just gonna pass you one of these if you don’t mind holding onto it as you read.”


They’re always reading off of a piece of paper or a phone or something. Therefore, they can literally just hold it like that. Obviously, you could just mic them up as well and leave it on them for the whole ceremony, but that’s just the way I do it. If the ceremony is in a church, that’s even easier because they always read from a pulpit. This way, I can just tape one of these to the table or the mic stand. I always carry loads of spare tape in my bag for situations like that. The speech is, again, super easy. If they’re using microphones, I can just tape one of these to the mic and then obviously when they pick it up to speak it’s gonna pick up.

If they’re not, then I’ll just grab each speaker a few minutes before the speeches and just clip one to each person speaking. This is why I always have about six of these in a pack that I take on every wedding. The beauty is they have such a small footprint. They’re so tiny they’re dead unobtrusive for the speakers or for your couple, and the quality that you get is more than good enough. The files actually sound pretty good as they are, but I always set the audio to bass boost – it just makes it pop that a little bit more. I edit in Final Cut Pro, and that’s it. I hope you found this review useful!

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