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Last Updated: 14 April 2020

Since I’ve just got a new recorder, I’ll write a comprehensive review today. The new equipment is the TASCAM Linear PCM DR-40 Recorder. The TEAC company is famous for manufacturing sound equipment. Yay! I’m thrilled to have it! It’s the first time I got to use this equipment, so I’m very excited.

By the way, the sound that I usually use for recording is XYH – 6, with my personal encoder the PCM recorder ZOOM h5. The voice often comes from an external mic. With ZOOM, the microphones intersect. This way of intersection is called XY. However, when you want to record a video using one for each ear, for example, you need to use a separator for the earpick since the microphones intersect. This is valid even if you want to record only for the right or left ear.

Now, there is a problem for ASMR because the sound can be heard in the other ear. This model of TASCAM has the same XY system as the ZOOM. It allows you to move the microphones from left to right and switch to the form AB and separate the microphones, it’s excellent! There are a lot of ASMR artists using this TASCAM recorder. I was inquisitive to try it, so I just got one!


Alright, so the review starts here. I opened the box immediately after I received it. I was so excited! First, you see the recorder and the USB cable. Then, the instructions of TASCAM PCM DR-40. It also includes batteries, but it’s still small and easy to carry. I wondered if I should insert the batteries, but I didn’t hesitate. Will it power up with this?


The power button is squared. You have to keep pressing it when you turn the recorder on. You may then choose between English and Japanese languages. It’s good to be able to set it in Japanese. The sound of the buttons is good! Then, it’s good to read the instructions carefully and prepare for recording. When I first switched the ZOOM mic to the TASCAM DR-40 I tried changing the microphone. Wow, somehow my voice sounded clearer than usual. Well, I read the instructions for a way to configure it, but it worked just by pressing the recording button itself, the operation was straightforward. I then continued to record various sounds immediately.


By the way, I immediately tried to use the AB system. So, first of all, a cotton swab. I touched the microphone directly with a cotton swab. Then I recorded the sound of carbonated water. Gorgeous. Next, I touched the microphone directly. Next, I recorded the sound of shaving cream. It sounded like bubbles. Next, I scratched the cork with an earpick.

And finally, I used the separator. These are the various sounds that also served as the microphone test of TASCAM DR-40 for me. I would highly recommend the product, it does an outstanding job, and it’s quite affordable.

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