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Last Updated: 13 April 2020

Today I’m writing about something that I consider to be exciting – it’s maybe one of the most fabulous keyboards on the planet. This is, of course, the Das Keyboard Professional! This is version number 4. On the previous one, you had a very similar look and feel, but this one has upgraded a few components, and they slimmed it down as well, so it looks a little bit slicker and sleeker.

In fact, I believe that they say this is the thinnest mechanical keyboard on the planet. So, if you don’t know about mechanical keyboards, I’ll give you a quick little breakdown. These give you tactile feedback, so when you click down on a key you’re getting a little bit of resistance and then, in the case of blue switches, as this one has, you’re gonna get a low noise. And all this together means you can improve your typing, hopefully.


It’s not for everybody but for the vast majority of people, they can improve their typing, their speed, their accuracy, etc.. And in this case you could do it in an excellent little package. I’ll flip the box over real quick so I can explain to you the back. It says German-engineered MX blue mechanical key switches. You can actually purchase this with MX brown switches as well. They’re still gonna be tactile and a little bit less clicky. Therefore, if noise is an issue for you, depending on what you do for work or where you’re working, you may want to opt for the brown switches. It boasts a cutting edge design, premium materials, and this one adds a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hub and a long 6.6-foot cable. It has media controls, but then again, so did the last one and a detachable foot bar ruler. This is kinda interesting. The little stand, you know, the part that put your keyboard on an incline, in this particular case, can be pulled off and can act as a ruler. That’s kind of interesting.


It does work with Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac computers and requires one USB port. Enough about the box, let’s go ahead and take a closer look inside. So the first thing I notice is the ruler portion that is a legitimate ruler right there. Reminds me of grade school. So I guess you can use this for drawing straight lines or maybe you’re into geometric artwork. I don’t know what you’re into.

That’s entirely up to you. For me, it’ll just be a kickstand so I can get that healthy ergonomic incline on my keyboard. Very slick! Very, very smooth! Right now I’m using a keyboard with super stealth looking keys, and you can actually order this Das keyboard in a stealth version as well. It’s called The Ultimate. This one’s called the Professional, and there are etched keys – you have all the characters you might be looking for. I’m unfortunately not enough a bad*** to have the completely blank ultimate version but the one that I’m using right now, it has a sort of close to stealth look. Not a lot of contrast between the letters and because it’s not backlit sometimes I don’t know if I’m sitting back from the keyboard a little bit. I really wish it had more defined lettering as this one does here so rather than have little feet that kick down, you have this ruler portion and I assume just fits somewhere in.


There are multimedia controls up on the other side. First of all, it’s very, very sturdy. I don’t know what it’s made out of. Actually, I can’t tell if that’s plastic or aluminum. Feels like aluminum actually so very sturdy construction here, Yeah, I mean that baby is not twisting very much at all. You have a volume wheel which has little minuscule clicks to it, you have a play/pause button, back, forward, a sound button to mute the sound and what looks like a sleep button. The keyboard itself is pretty loud. Spacebar is the loudest. Anyways, those are blue keys switches, and they’re essentially gonna be that loud no matter which keyboard you order them on. Now, in my opinion, these are great key switches for accuracy because having that audio feedback and that really distinguishable click means that you’re not going to have mishaps quite as often, type the wrong key then need to hit the backspace, et cetera… Accuracy is the name of the game here, and you know a full-size keyboard as well a lot of people are using slim, little tiny ones, you don’t have full-size arrow keys, which are very useful for professional applications, editing applications like I use.


So, overall, I look for a durable, robust keyboard. It’s gotta hold up to all the tasks that I throw at it in the new studio. So we also have a couple of USB ports at the top, and one beautiful thing here is that they’re USB3. That’s, of course, nice but also the location of them. Rather than having them on the side over here, where they might interfere with your mouse, they’re on the back of the device. I won’t use them permanently, but it’s nice to have extra USBs in this location, or anywhere, for that matter. More USB, more happy people. There you have it, the Das Keyboard Professional number four. I think it’s a nice upgrade. The last one was glossy as well, which really attracted a lot of dust and fingerprints. This one has more of a matte finish which I’m happy to see a lot of electronics manufacturers moving in that direction. The matte finish, generally speaking, looks better, longer, at least in my opinion. Also the magnetic ruler… very cool. Don’t know if I’ll use it, but I like magnets, and sometimes those little kickstands that you see on the back up your keyboard are pretty flimsy.


So, in this particular case, since it’s one solid piece, it’s probably not going to be as flimsy as those little kickstands which sometimes can break off when you’re moving it et cetera. What’s this? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter! As I said before the Das Keyboard 4 Professional, there is a version of this with brown key switches. If that is more your cup of tea, you can check out both. These aren’t cheap, but then again, professional level, Top Gear stuff never is, and of course, you’re paying more money for quality. But if you make a living using this baby right here, then it becomes a little bit easier to justify the cost. I’m going to test it out now and it should/will probably/likely become my daily driver. Thanks for reading, I really hope this was useful!

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