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Last Updated: 13 April 2020

You may have heard of these guys before. They’re called Das Keyboard. In fact, I think I recall that I’ve done reviews on various Das Keyboards in the past. But they’ve got something new that they’re bringing to the game. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they do mechanical keyboards that are legendary.

What I noticed that didn’t exist on my previous Das Keyboard is the white backlighting. It’s called the Prime 13 high-performance mechanical keyboard. It’s kind of aggressive. They wrote it right on the box: The ultimate experience for badasses.

You can get it with other switches if you prefer MX blue or so on. This Das Keyboard is made with anodized aluminum top panel for improved durability. That’s cool. It also has a full n-key rollover faster for gaming or typing. It has a USB port right on it. And a keycap puller to remove keys, to place keys and so on.

Das Keyboards are legends in the keyboard game. They got the newest, they got the latest and they got the greatest.


Here’s what we’re looking at. My understanding is the top deck is now completely aluminum which I’m pretty pumped for. They’re not messing around. The top deck is really aluminum. It’s black, but it’s kind of got like luminescence to it. It seems to be picking up the light a little bit and so it is almost looking kind of gray. It is clicky, but there’s no like switch click. I mean, if that’s the noise that turns you on, you got it here. They went for the traditional keyboard feet. I kinda like that.

It has a braided cable which terminates into two USB cables. It is gold-plated which is pretty nice and the reason for this USB is that you do have another USB port on the upper right side corner. It’s only USB 2.0 and I guess it could have been nice for those 3.0. But 2.0 should work for at least charging up your phone, connecting a USB thumb drive, and more. It’s nice to have an extra one right on your desktop.


But what about the new features and functions? What about the backlight? Let’s dim some lights and watch this baby glow. Boom! It comes to life which is really nice. It has white backlighting. And there are levels to it you can control that via the f keys. They sort of utilized the side of the keys along the top to show you the different functions available, from the volume, the media buttons over here for play pause next and so on. And then the controls for the brightness of the backlight are on F1 and F2 respectively whether you want it on or don’t want it on. Why would you want a backlit keyboard? I guess it’s pretty obvious you’re in a dimly lit environment or you just want more contrast on the keys when you’re working at night.


What I like about Das Keyboard is it’s a little bit understated. When they do something it’s like, “Yeah, we get it you want to game, alright. We want to give you the mechanical key switches. We know you’re a power user, but we’re not going to go over the top with it. You can have a nice white backlight, pick your key switches, and end up with something a little more subtle but still functional: the new Prime 13 Das Keyboard.”

I don’t know if it’s the first backlit version, but it’s the first one that I’ve seen. I think it’s just a little tweak on something that’s already really good.

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