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Find Out Everything You Wanted to Know About Lawn Mowers and Choose the Best Size for Your Needs

Find Out Everything You Wanted to Know About Lawn Mowers and Choose the Best Size for Your Needs
Last Updated: 02 September 2020

As summer arrived, many of us pressured to spend as much time as we could outside. If you are a homeowner or even if you are renting a house you certainly know how wonderful it is to spend hot summer nights in the yard. And you know that the effect is even better when you have a beautiful lawn โ€“ you can play games, make a picnic, walk barefoot, etc.

What Size Lawn Mower Do I Need

Some people may wonder what is the big deal with lawn/ why is everyone insisting that it has to be nice? The fact is that a healthy and wonderful lawn plays an important role in the entire curb appeal โ€“ if the grass is nicely cut and appears fresh and healthy it gives a whole new picture of the house. But, the importance of a healthy lawn, in reality, goes far beyond the aesthetics โ€“ it becomes a place of recreation and fun, relaxation, and so on. A green surface that has been well cared for also reduces the dust and pollen pollution both around and inside the house.

Having a healthy and beautiful lawn doesnโ€™t require a lot of effort but there are some things, like regular grass cutting that you need to take care of. And for that, you need to have a good lawnmower.

Why Is Choosing the Right Size Lawn Mower Is Important?

Many, and maybe you are among them would think โ€“ there isnโ€™t anything much to think about when you are choosing the lawn mower! It is a machine simply designed to cut grass and they are all the same, right? Well wrong. There are many reasons why you want to ask โ€œWhat size mower do I need?โ€ and we are going to explain some of them.

Why Is Choosing the Right Size Lawn Mower Is Important
  • If you choose the proper-sized machine you will spend less time working;
  • It will be easier to work more challenging terrains;
  • Many of them have additional features so it will be easier to tackle the obstacles;
  • There is another reason why asking โ€What size lawn mower do I need?โ€. If you are physically unfit and you have a less powerful mower that will require you to make more effort you might have some health problems;
  • It is easier to work with it when you can find an adequate answer to the question of โ€œHow big a lawn mower do I need?โ€.

How to Measure Lawn Mower Deck Size?

When you are thinking โ€œWhat size riding mower do I need?โ€ or even for a standard one keep in mind that the most important thing you have to consider is deck size. You might be attracted to models that have bigger deck size but it doesnโ€™t necessarily mean that they will work for you. If the lawn is small a machine with a big deck wonโ€™t be too good. That is why you must know the size of a lawn and choose a model accordingly.

If you want to measure the deck you just need to take the tape and run it front to back along the deck. After that just multiply the measure by two.

What Size Lawn Mower for 1 Acre and Less?

What Size Lawn Mower for 1 Acre and Less

It greatly depends on the size even if we are talking about the small lawn. For example, for those that have less than one acre, you can finish the job perfectly with a reel or push the mower model. Reel model is quite simple to work with but it relies pretty much on your strength. If you run on obstacles then the push power is better. Another good option for small lawns is zero turn mower for 1 acre.

What Size Lawn Mower for 3 Acres?

When you are considering โ€œWhat size lawn mower do I need?โ€ for 3 acres or more you should check professional models. Some of the features best lawn mower for 3 acres should have are powerful drive necessary if you go uphill, various speed settings and attachments. One model worth considering is a small tractor for small acreage.

What Size Lawn Mower for 5 and More Acres?

What Size Lawn Mower for 5 and More Acres

Okay, this is a bigger piece of land you have there and you might think โ€“ what can be the best lawn mower for 5 acres. Or even, what size mower for 10 acres should you buy? Generally, it isnโ€™t very different from what we told you about the model for 3 acres. The main difference is the deck size โ€“ for such big surfaces you need a machine with a big deck size so you donโ€™t spend hours cutting the grass. When wondering โ€œWhat size tractor do I need for 5 acres?โ€ check out the models with 48 inches deck size. These machines are wonderfully powerful and simple to operate with.


Many people donโ€™t ask the question of โ€œWhat size lawn mower do I need?โ€ when considering to buy this machine because they donโ€™t feel it makes the difference. However, as we tried to portray in this text, the quality of your lawn will greatly depend on the type of machine you work with. Also, it will be way more convenient for you to work with an adequate model. We hope that you liked this text and want to remind you that many others are waiting for you at homemakerguide.

What factors do you consider when choosing your lawn mower? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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