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Why Is My house So dusty?

Why Is My house So dusty?
Last Updated: 01 July 2020

Dust can be a real headache. It might be worse when you are allergic to it. No matter how much you try to keep your house clean, you can still find it dusty after a few hours of cleaning. This leads to the question, โ€œWhy is my house so dusty?โ€

You might wonder if thereโ€™s something you arenโ€™t doing right. If you are experiencing this, donโ€™t worry. Hereโ€™s an answer to this question. Keep reading to find out.

Where does dust come from?

Dust is a composition of small particles merging from a particular source. If you are experiencing dust, you might want to find the cause first. If you are continually asking, โ€œWhy is my house so dusty all the time?โ€ the following might be the causes.

Dirty HVAC filters

Dirty HVAC filters

Did you know that your HVAC filters can be the genesis of dust in your house? No matter the quality of your HVAC filters, sometimes they get filled up with dirt.

This causes their filters to get clogged with dust and wonโ€™t filter dust anymore. That will cause your house to get dusty no matter how hard to try to keep it clean. You might want to check your HVAC filters to find out if they are the cause.

Leaky windows or doors

Leaky windows or doors

What causes a lot of dust in a house can be leaky windows or doors. When your windows are doors have spaces that leak air inside, dust can leak in as well, especially when itโ€™s windy.

You can confirm if there are any air spaces in your windows and doors and find a plumber to fix them.


Sometimes humidity in the air increases in your house. An increase in moisture promotes biological contaminants to grow, and indoor air reduces. Your room needs a 40-60% moisture level.

Anything beyond that promotes a breeding environment for microorganisms like mold, dust mites, bacteria, mildew, virus, and mold. High levels of humidity can be as a result of issues with your air conditioner.



Petโ€™s can make your house lively and ease bore. However, if you are wondering what causes a lot of dust in your house, your pets could be the number one reason. But how? Pets tend to shed some skin flakes and fur from their bodies.

When this combines with other particles, it forms dust, which might be dangerous to your health. If you have pets, consider vacuuming your home daily.

Bad dusting technique

What are your dusting techniques? If you ask yourself, โ€œwhy is there so much dust in my house?โ€, there must be an issue with your way of grooming your place.

When dusting your house, a lot of particulate matter can be released in the air. This happens when you use too many spray-on deodorants and aerosols in your room. You might consider stopping to use them in an enclosed place.

How to prevent dust in the house

How to prevent dust in the house

Getting rid of dust is an uphill task. While you may not completely avoid dust in your home, you can reduce it by monitoring the factors contributing to it. Below are some things you can do to reduce dust in your home.

  • Mop and clean walls
    Many people overlook cleaning walls and only deal with their floors. However, after vacuuming and sweeping the floor, remember to wipe the walls and clean them to get rid of dust that gets trapped there.
  • Use air purifiers
    Air purifiers can help you trap dust that hangs on the air due to various causes. Install them, and be sure to check the filters as they get clogged too frequently.
  • Get rid of clutter
    How often do you declutter your home? If you are always asking friends, โ€œWhy is there so much dust in my house?โ€ too much clutter might be the cause. Try to get rid of what you are not using like clothes, utensils, and even furniture.
  • Always groom your pets.
    As we discussed earlier, pets can cause dust due to the fur they often shed. However, grooming them frequently will help you have less dust in your home.
  • Dust with microfibers
    Even though vacuum cleaners get rid of dust, they cannot trap all dirt on rugs, sofas, and beds. Microfibers are useful in helping you trap the remaining dust on such surfaces.

Final word

The question to the answer, โ€œWhy does my house get so dustyโ€ depends on the causes. The causes might be pets, aerosols you use, dirty HVAC filters, or air spaces.

It would be great if you find out the causes and get their solutions. From homemakerguide.com, you can get more tips on how to keep your house clean and minimize dust.

How else to you reduce dust in your home? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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